How to always be ready for a last minute trip


Over the past few years we have had the odd occasion where the opportunity to go away at the last mintue has popped up, in fact that happened this month. We have now learnt how to pack very quickly for a family of four and getting this skill down to a tee means you can take advantage of those last minute travel deals in which time is the essence.

Of course it is easier if you are traveling solo or as a couple but even as a family if you adhere to some basic rules and hacks than a quick break away at the last minute shouldn't cause to much stress. Firstly the most important thing to do is travel light! We very rarely every check any luggage in, instead we always have carry-on luggage. I actually managed to get my clothes and both of my boys into one small carry-on for a weekend, then usually John will take a small bag for him and between us we have our Kanken (small day pack) for small things like food, water and nappies on the go. 

Essentials for last minute travel

1. A compact and comfortable carry-on bag with plenty of storage space. It's worth investing in a decent one if your planning on traveling regularly as this will make your life a lot easier.

2. Have all your documents stored together in a safe place. The one thing that can cause delays or make you late is looking for a lost passport or ID. You should really have an important travel documents stored somewhere safe and you know where they are at all times, meaning if that last minute trip comes up you don't have to spend hours searching for it. 

3. Portable charges, always have one fully charge so that if you are time short you dont have to worry about your phone being full charged as you can charge on the go. Also make sure you have a universal plug packed, any batteries you may need or memory cards. Just like your travel documents these should be kept together.

4. Clothes, you should always have a mini capsule collection in mind, a few pieces that work really well together so you dont reaslly have to even think about what to wear. This way you have some fail safe fashion pieces, mostof which can be adjusted to fit different climates. I have written before about Minimalist style for weekend breaks so check that out for a little inspiration.

A traveling lover would never like to miss an opportunity of the weekend trips and tours. They passionately look for the opportunities of exploring new destinations and with so mamy fantastic sites such as expedia or airbnb offering monthly deals, you dont have to be owning property in different areas of world through in places like Princeton real estate to be able to feel like a rockstar on a roadtrip. It does not even require having a bunch of money for travelling a lot, rather you just need planning and wise spending. You can cut the extra expenses and making it economical. It is more important that you explore, learn and enjoy more than you buy and spend. The new destinations are always waiting for you can you can make your dream come true with a little effort.

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  1. Ive done some last minute trips before, so found this guide very useful


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