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Hard lines coffee

So like many people in the UK I like my coffee and the ritual that goes behind each cup. That quiet calm before you have to set off for work or that 5 minutes of rest in a busy day, an artisan cup in a cool cafe while you getting work done or having it in hand as you walk through the city. Coffee to me can be a moment of self care or belly laughs with a friend, either way the connotations are positive. With so many new independent cafes popping up all over Cardiff I thought I would start a monthly post of ones you should check out in and around the city. As this is my first post in the series I thought I would share some of the better known ones to get started, the ones that you know you are going to be guaranteed a good cup.

1. Little Man

Little Man coffee has been a favourite of mine for a while as it's centrally located but off the busy high street and sort of hidden away in a more quite location. The interior is simple with a touch of scandi chic and they take their coffee seriously, certainly one of the best Cortado's in town. They also have a simple but beautifully formed menu, I recommend the smashed avocado or homemade granola with the green smoothie. Also their homemade cakes are delicious, plus they have super fast wifi, support local producers and hold some fantastic events, so do check them out!

Beautiful coffee
Little Man Coffee

2. 200 Degrees

200 Degrees is right in the heart of the city but it's large open space means there is always somewhere to sit and attracting a friendly millennial clientele but also very family friendly at the same time. It is actually part of a small chain but it certainly doesn't feel like it and has a stylish minimalist interior with some very capable barista's and some impressive latte art. In fact there is a barista school upstairs if you want to have a go at making your own understanding the guidance of one of their qualified team members.

200 Degrees

3. The Earlybird

The Earlybird is one of our favourite breakfast and brunch spots just out of the centre and is located in the vibrant and creative Cathays area. The only problem is its not very big so you may have to wait to get a seat as it's popular for a good reason and is well worth it especially as they have their own bakery on site and their sourdough topped with avocado, poached egg and chilli is amazing as is their danish pastries the size of your face. The coffee is also excellent and the atmosphere friendly and welcoming, perfect place to start the day and when the sun is out you can enjoy the small garden patio out the back.

Danish pastry
The Early Bird

4. The Potting Shed

Another independent coffeeshop just outside of the city centre in Llandaff in the grounds of Insole court. Their coffee may not be as refined or perfected as the others on this list but they do a very decent Flat White and they support local coffee companies plus their homemade cakes are not only pretty to look at but delicious too. The Potting shed is a lovely little gem in beautiful grounds and after a bite to eat I recommend taking a walk in the community allotments right next door as well as the well kept gardens of Insole Court. This cafe is also dog friendly and has a small kids table with books and crayons, an adjoining small art gallery space and yes fast wifi too!

The Potting Shed Cardiff

5. Hard Lines

If your looking for the most instagrammable coffee then you have to head to hardlines which now has two locations, a little pop up style booth inside Cardiff market and the other in the Castle Emporium with both serving up some of the best speciality coffee, made with care, love and a high level of hipsterism (yes I made that word up but the description fits). They also have a pink, yes pink coffee called the Dirty Barb and while you may be skeptical you really shouldn't be as it's delicious. Made with a dash of beetroot and argave with coffee running through it's smooth, sweet and of course pink!

Coffee Cardiff

A lot of locals will already have visited these places but if your heading to Cardiff for a weekend break do check them out. I will also be creating a monthly series of my 5 favourite coffee shops to visit each month so do come back and see what's on the list next month. From small to big and everything in between and with so many new places popping up in the city I am looking froward to discovering the best of what Cardiff has to offer when it comes to coffee. 


  1. Ohh I love the idea of this post, I need to do one for my local area, as there is a coffee shop for each eventuality! Mich x

  2. Oh wow I’ve heard that Cardiff has a lot of cool places and this post confirms that!

  3. We have a 200 degrees in brum - I love it there! I’ve not been to Cardiff in ages, I should really revisit. If you’re ever in Brum I recommend Wayland’s Yard as well!

  4. This sounds like a great selection of places. I think you should do a series for tea shops too!

  5. Oh they all sound fab! But I really love the sound of Little Man, even the menu's are cool!

  6. I don't like coffee but some of these sound great. I do love independent places like the ones above x

  7. I would love to go to Cardiff. These coffee places look cool and quirky, although if I had too much coffee I'd end up awake for the whole trip lol xxx

  8. I've never tried any of these Laura - where have I been?!

  9. I love just around the corner from Early Bird, yet I still haven't been! So need to go. And, pink coffee?! Yes please!

  10. In Cardiff I like to go to Barker Coffee. I much prefer independent coffee shops to chains


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