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If your a regular reader to my blog you are probably already familiar with my gratitude posts and I usually post them every 2 months or so. I really like to reflect back on some of the small and positive moments in my life that brought happiness and be grateful for the little things and how important they are as it's just so easy to get wrapped up in trivial issues and events these days. This past month however has not been easy with so many ups and downs as I lost someone very close to cancer, in fact this is the second time in 10 months I have lost someone special to this dreadful disease and I've really struggled with the reality of that. Because of this it has been a very up and down month, emotions have been high but I slowed down, took a break from social for a few days and have been practicing some mindfulness and gratitude for my life, health and being present in the moment. So I just wanted to share a few of the moments that have been special this month.

1. A fun family day out with the kids in Cardiff, running around, playing golf, eating pizza and finding lots to laugh about
2. Taking time to sit down and eat good food at Milk and Sugar
3. Enjoying the golden springtime sunshine on a riverside walk
4. Exploring the Gower with my family and taking in the views from the cliffside hike
5. Taking is slow on Easter Day and embracing the love I have for my family
6. My eldest at Edinburgh Castle, loved showing him the first city I lived in when I moved from Cape Town to the UK
7. Realising how lucky we truly are to be able to have weekend breaks away and how gorgeous Shrewsbury is, plus this converted stable we stayed in.
8. Flourishing in the first colourful signs of spring at our local National Trust property
9. Taking time to take in deep breaths besides the seaside in Penarth

What are the things that you have been grateful for this month?


  1. I love this idea. The more I read the more I discover that so many thought leaders advocate gratitude as the number one practice. I've a lot to be grateful for and should probably start writing it down.

  2. I follow you on Instagram and I'm so glad I landed here! Thanks for sharing this, I recently started practicing gratitude daily. Mostly I've been thankful for all the inspiration that that has found it's way into my life + simple things like time with loved ones and evenings where the moon appears huge on the horizon.

  3. Ah.. It's all about that little yet wonderful understated moments that make us happy and grateful! Lovely post, a great reminder to be mindful!

  4. I love this, a really nice idea. I'm drowning in work and bills at the moment so it's easy to forget to be grateful - am going to try this! x

  5. Your list consists out of such beautiful & joyful moments! It's important to be able to see the lovely things you have so once in a while, and make you really appreciate the positive vibes in your life! That 2nd one tho, I can almost feel that sunshine & imagine the river walk.. beautiful!

  6. Deep breaths besides the seaside in Penarth sounds rather lovely! I particularly like a little stroll aroud the pier in Penarth to make me feel really happy. x


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