Your Home Improvement Guide for the Holidays


Christmas door

The holidays are just about here and if you happen to be the host this year, you’ve got a lot of preparing to do. Most people, when they think about preparing for the holidays they consider things like changing out the d├ęcor, choosing a menu, buying drinks, and selecting gifts for their guests. Although they are all key components to having a successful holiday gathering there are some things you’ll want to do beforehand. Check out this holiday home improvement list below:

1. Prepare the Exterior

Though putting up lights and other holiday decorations may be what you’re most excited about there are some things you want to do beforehand to prep the exterior of your home for your guests. This includes making sure there is enough space for parking, removing any snow, ice, or debris from walkways as well as anything hanging from the roof that could potentially fall, and installing security lighting for latecomers so they can get to the house safely. You can also get your garden in check for the winter seasons and I recently wrote a post on how to prepare your garden for this time of the year.

2. Check the Stove

It may not be the first thing that springs to mind but you’re going to be cooking a lot this holiday season and the last thing you need is for the stove to stop working in the middle of preparations. Our worktop stove gave up the ghost a while back  To ensure that your holiday meal gets cooked without issue, it is ideal to have your stove and oven checked in advance. Ensure that the oven’s temperature is correct, and no additional parts are needed for it to work efficiently. As many appliances come with service contracts and warranties, you should be able to have it inspected and repaired at a reasonable price.

Christmas time

3. Have the Chimney Serviced

While many newer homes in the UK use central heating or have done away with their fireplaces this is certainly not the case for all, in fact my mother has a lovely fireplace which makes for the perfect spot to cosy up against in the winter and is a great way to warm up a room. While drinking hot chocolate next to a fire is a quintessential festive thing to do you want to ensure that you don’t end up causing a house fire, however, it’s probably a good idea to have your chimney inspected, cleaned, and if necessary repaired.

If you live in an area with harsh winters like the Scottish Highlands you probably are aware of the importance of maintenance but if not Creative Masonry and Chimney repair offer a free consultation. They have the manpower to thoroughly inspect, clean, and repair your fireplace or chimney in time for the holidays. They will ensure that the fire burns brightly while you and your loved ones are safe.

4. Stock-Up the Bathroom

One of your most used rooms is the bathroom, especially if your having guest over this Christmas. While we have minimised our bathroom a lot we still make sure we are fully stocked up when it comes to basics cosmetics and toiletries. So even when your running around doing to Christmas shopping or getting ready for New Years do make sure you have enough soap, hand towels, toilet paper, and air freshener for your guests. If you’ll be having overnight guests you’ll also want to make sure you’ve also got extra toothpaste, toothbrushes and guest towels.

bathroom in eaves

5. Child-Proof the Home

While you may not have small children, if your guests do, you’ll need to be prepared. Though you don’t have to get as detailed as you would if a young child were living in your home you do want to remove any obvious means of danger and child-proof the home for the holidays. Here are a few things to think about - remove easy access to cleaners, medications, and other hazardous chemicals. Install gates to prevent children from entering areas of the home that aren’t safe. If there will be a lot of kids in the home, it may be safer to child-proof one room in the home and make it the kid’s zone. This way, they have a designated area to play safely.

Sure, you’re excited about decorating your home for the holidays. However, if you to be the best host for the holidays, it is imperative that you complete a few home improvement projects before your guests arrive. The above-mentioned tips will ensure that your guests feel safe and comfortable while creating new memories in your home.


  1. I have just been out this morning to stockpile the bathroom ready for guests this Christmas

    1. Oh how exciting, have a wonderful festive break

      Laura x

  2. Some great tips here. I tend to forget about child proofing until young nieces or nephews arrive.

    1. I know it's something I often forget as well

      Laura x

  3. These are great tips. I remember one Christmas my mum had a chimney fire, and every Christmas after that she makes sure her chimney is sweeped!

  4. Kid proofing is the hardest one for us, as we haven't had kids' yet it's difficult to think about what could potentially be hazardous. Great starting point here!


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