Winter Comforts - 5 Reasons why a soak in the bath is good for you


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Taking a bath has always been about more than just getting clean, to me is about have 5 minutes to myself, to enjoy a moment of calm and can contribute to your wellbeing. Can you think of anything more relaxing than having a hot bubble bath in the colder months? Warm water has, of course, long been associated with health and wellbeing. In fact, hydrotherapy goes back as far as ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman times and the benefits of taking a bath have since been scientifically proven.

I was so glad when we moved home a few years back as we had rented briefly before hand in-between selling and moving and our rental didn't have a bathroom and I really felt like I was missing out on this simple pleasure .If your bathroom doesn’t currently feature a bathtub, you could be missing out big time. I spoke to a luxury bathroom company in Hove, East Sussex to find out why having a long soak in the tub is so beneficial for body, mind and soul.

Aids restful sleep

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to fall asleep after a hot bath, particularly in the evening? When your body feels cold, your normal sleep pattern may be interrupted. A comfortably warm temperature, on the other hand, will help you fall asleep faster and sleep through the night with fewer disruptions. A good night’s sleep is associated with lots of health benefits, from pain recovery to immune system benefits, improved mood to mental alertness, and even weight management. 

Can Relieves aching joints

If you are suffering from musculoskeletal conditions such as osteoarthritis, tendonitis or other aches and pains, taking a hot bath can alleviate the symptoms and bring some much-appreciated relief. Underwater, your body weight disappears, while the blood circulation increases with the hot water temperature and relaxes muscles, reducing inflammation in the sensitive joints and blocking pain sensors. At the same time, the aching body can experience greater flexibility and a wider range of physical motion. Stretching and moving underwater is an effective low-impact form of resistance exercise for joints, muscles and bones that can help with recovery from back, knee or other joint issues. If your having ongoing muscle pain or just want something to encourage relaxation and reduce stress then CBD is know to help with some of these issues and there are an array of products on the market such as Blessed CBD.

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Reduces stress and improves Mental Health

With our modern 24/7 lifestyles, stress can be a major problem. But it’s when you’re particularly busy that it’s important to schedule in some ‘me time’ to switch off and recharge your batteries and make sure you don't burn out both mentally and physically. Why not create a home spa, get some bath salts, a good book, close the door and just enjoy a mindful moment, this simple act of self-care can really help your levels of stress and anxiety and improve your mood. Also by creating a space you feel relaxed and comfortable in is also key. If you are feeling particularly overwhelmed, perhaps about your relationship than it's important to talk to someone and you can get real advice online from a trained therapist.

Improves the condition of your skin 

The human body consists nearly of 70% water, which is why proper hydration is essential. According to official sources, we should be drinking 1-2 litres of water every day, but soaking in it is also very beneficial. Taking a hot bath is a great way to keep the body properly hydrated and your skin optimally moisturised as the hot water opens the pores, causing you to sweat out toxins. You can enhance the skin benefits of your bath by adding bath oils or bath salts into the water and here are a few ideas on making your own . 

Alleviates cold and flu symptoms

A hot, steamy bath may be just the thing to bring relief to cold and flu symptoms. There is some scientific evidence to suggest that a raised body temperature will help your body fight cold and flu viruses, which is what a hot bath will achieve. What’s more, if you have a blocked nose, sitting in a hot bath and breathing in the steam will work wonders to clear the congestion, particularly if you add menthol or eucalyptus oils into the bathwater. Sufferers of sinus and cluster headaches, please also take note.


  1. I do love a warm bath in winter and I agree I think it's really good for both your mental and physical wellbeing

    Ally x

    1. Yes I agree, I had an awful cold this week and sitting in the bath really helped

      Laura x

  2. Having a bath is truly an almighty experience, in fact I come from a small and great country, where people wish each other "Happy bathing" for purity is celebrated. It does good things to the soul.

  3. that bathtub is beauuuttiifuullll. And i must agree with you on all your points. I just hate myself that i didn't just keep pushing to add a tub in the bathroom!!

  4. I don't think there is anything more relaxing than a nice warm bubble bath with relaxing scents.


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