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When I was younger I was pretty headstrong, my mother would buy me pretty dresses and well let's just say you rarely saw me in anything that I didn't pick out myself. In the end, she caved and would let me dress myself, despite many clashing outfits. Although with age I did develop a more clear style as well as appreciating my mothers classic and timeless look and now I ask for guidance when I'm not sure about something. I think as parents we all want to allow our children to express their personality, individuality but we too want to have some creative control so getting some kind of balance is important as well as finding the perfect mix of clothes that are cool, casual and comfortable for your kids. If finding the right clothes has become quite the headache I have put together a few follow simple yet helpful tips that may help with that balance between finding something both you and children love.

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1. Go For the Bright Colours

I have to say in my own style I often opt for monochrome but kids love colour and are often more drawn towards them. Although dark colours are perfectly fine to wear brighter colors that can also help to improve your child's mood with warm colours, such as yellow and orange, tend to make people feel more comfortable and happier. So next time you go shopping look out for clothes in brighter shades and let your child go for their favourite colour.

2. Select Pieces With Bold Prints

It's certainly not only adults that like bold prints but also children so you may want to consider picking out dresses, tops or tourers and other garments that have some fun prints and designs on them. Marni has cute designer clothing for girls and boys with all kinds of beautiful prints, such as dogs and teapots. Not only are these prints interesting to look at, but they can also give your children that sense of individuality with an outfit more unique to them.

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3. Add Some Accessories

Accessories are the perfect addition to any outfit, whether it's a casual piece or something on the dressier side. The right accessories will give your child the chance to show off their own personality and style within the outfit. Although the exact types of accessories you choose will depend on the style of the outfit, some of the trendiest options include fitted baseball hats, necklaces and sunglasses. Backpacks are a great unisex option and it gives your child a place to put the things they want to take out with them and be responsible for.

The main thing is to have fun with it, kids clothes should be colourful and break the rules many of us adults tend to live by when it comes to personal style because at the end of the day kids can pretty much pull anything cool print or colour combination off!

kids style

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  1. great tips! I'm a big fan of fun but practical clothes for my step kids. Characters they like and bright colours, and converses for shoes

  2. Kids definitely have the best clothes, so bright, fun and comfy!!

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