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Getting School ready with Ecco shoes

kids cycling

 I don't know about you but these summer holidays are flying by! We are doing so much but at the same time there doesn't seem enough days to pack everything we want in and in a blink of an eye it's going to be the start of a new school year. This September I am trying to be a little bit more prepared, with my eldest starting school for the first time last year it felt like a bit of a shock to the system and I really could of been more organised, this year however is a different story and we know more of what to expect.

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I know the first thing on peoples mind is getting the uniform sorted but shoes are equally important as they take the brunt of most activities and investing in a pair that are durable, comfortable and appealing to little ones is so important as they are going to be spending a lot of time in them. Even though I knew Ecco made chic mens and women shoes I never knew they did kids shoes and better yet a back to school range so when I was asked to do a review of their kids shoes I was really excited to see what they had. For those who don't know much about Ecco, they are family run Danish company and one of the only major shoe companies to own their own production.

Ecco has stores across the UK so we popped into the Cardiff store to have a look. As our local store didn't have what we needed we still had some easy options to make sure my eldest would be kitted out in time as each store offers next day delivery to the store of any shoes from their collections  you can take the search online at Ecco which is what we did and gave us access to the whole range. After we made our picks the shoes than arrived quickly and if you spend over £49 delivery is free.

danish shoes

Danish shoes

As my eldest is very active and sporty I wanted to ensure he had something that would provide support and grip but also be easy for him to take on and off himself. After having a really good look through their range the Ecco Biom Trail Kids shoe caught my eye with it's rugged outsole, lightweight feel, easy velcro straps and comes with the Gore-Tex promise of a breathable and waterproof membrane to help keep feet dry, they also get the thumbs up from my eldest which is the most important thing. 

stylish kids shoes

cool kid

My son is really fussy when it comes to shoes, if they are slightly uncomfortable he won't wear them but he has hardly taken these off since they arrived. We are hoping he can cycle to school at some point and these are really well made and strong enough to take what he throws at them. I am really impressed and whats better is these are currently on sale which means you can get fantastic quality at an excellent price.

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While browsing the back to school collection I also got a chance to check out the Women's new soft ones range. I have been looking for a stylish but casual shoe to wear with skinny jeans while out and about with the kids and these Danish inspired laced up sneakers are perfect, I love the colour which is  Petal and they are so comfortable and lightweight and perfect for a busy mama running around after the little ones. 

Ecco shoes

Overall we are both really impressed with just how comfortable our Ecco shoes are, they are so well made and the ordering process was really easy. They are certainly a company we will be considering going back to for school shoes as the quality is fantastic. 

We were very kindly sent the shoes for purposes of this post in collaboration with Britmums and Ecco and all opinions and views are my own. 


  1. I have been hearing lots about Ecco shoes and glad to know they do men and women not just kids shoes. I will be checking them out and glad they do next day delivery

  2. I haven't heard of Ecco shoe before but they sound and look fantastic! I am glad your little one loves his shoes. they look great quality! I love the pink soft ones you picked, too! Thank you for sharing, certainly going to keep Ecco shoes in mind for back to school time! xx

  3. Oh I havne't heard of them, but htey look fantastic!

  4. I love the look of your shoes - I had no idea Ecco did adults shoes!

  5. I love both pairs of shoes and am totally in agreement that school shoes are every bit as important as the uniform.

  6. I have the same ones as you in red. I love them they are so comfy :) Lovely post Laura. Enjoy the rest of the Summer, as you say it is gong by so quickly.

  7. I know of Ecco shoes, but have never really bought from them either for myself or my daughter. I'm liking what I see though. Might just have a look too ;)

  8. Ooh I love your pink shoes. It is great that your son got a pair of shoes that were sporty like him x

  9. I need to start look for the girls shoe ready for September so think I'll have a nose

  10. These look great - always looking for a good comfy trainer.

  11. I didn't realise they had one in Cardiff. Will have to have a nose. Love the shoes you picked out. They look fab x

  12. We have a great store in Reading that sells Ecco shoes. When I was little I had lovely siliver boots from Ecco but it's getting hard to find the children's sizes in store so we tend to purchase online! Love your pink trainers x

  13. School shoe shopping has become a big thing in our house. Our youngest is just starting school so there was much photo taking when the school shoes were being bought. It's a big deal!

  14. We're going shoe shopping today! I would never have thought to go to Ecco though - I didn't even know they DID kids' shoes!

  15. I was seriously tempted by the petal ones they are so pretty. Love the school shoes that look very hardwearing, great that you can purchase online too. I will have to have a look into that.

  16. somehow totally missed that this was in cardiff ..despite being next to tiger (from your photo) which i go in whenever i'm in town! love your pink ones! have heard of the shop though, but no idea they did kids shoes.

  17. I love the look of the school shoes and those pink soft 1s are a lovely colour. Thanks for posting.


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