Why you should go Camping or Caravanning this Summer


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I would say as a family we are pretty seasoned campers, having camped and worked at many festivals before having kids then on our babymoon we opted for two nights in a teepee in West Wales instead of a city getaway and once we did became parents we took both our boys on their first camping trip before they were potty trained. Saying that we still love staying in hotels but camping or caravanning is a whole different kins of adventure and over time we have become far better at it as everyone likes to be comfortable, we have also fully embraced all types of glamping from Bell Tents to converted horse boxes and everything in-between and this year we also bought a Bongo Van with a pop-up roof and we planned to filled convert before the summer.

Although far removed from the luxury holiday ideology that encompasses some, caravan holidays can be more fun and relaxing than a five-star all-inclusive hotel. Spending a weekend on a caravan or campsite does not necessarily mean trading in all of your luxuries in favour of an old rickety piece of junk and sharing showers in cramped conditions. Caravans, mobile homes and high-end glamping sites are available with all of the features that you would expect to find in a Hilton Hotel. If you require some convincing as to why you are missing out if you don’t at least try spending a few days on one of the many caravan holiday parks available, then we invite you to read on.

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Fast WiFi

If you rather not get away from it all, aka wild camping then most campsites and holiday parks have fast WiFi that comes as standard! Yes, this means that you can still scroll through your social media timeline and post pictures of your break away. Although we discourage you from wasting your hard-earned holiday away glued to your favourite device, we know that there are many sufferers of Nomophobia (the irrational fear of being without mobile contact).

For those that work around the clock feel obliged to be contactable by email, this also means that you can stay connected to the office while on holiday (if you want to, of course).


One of the main reasons why holidaymakers opt for caravans is because of the freedom that comes with it. In a mobile home, you can sit out in your private garden, head out and explore the local greenery or get to know your neighbours. If you have a camper-van like we do you usually get a fairly spacious plot to make your home for a few days that gives you space but also allows you to socialise with others.

Also, most parks are pet-friendly, which means that the family dog can come along, too! The majority of traditional hotels and resorts would never dream of allowing for pets on their premises. With loads of woodland surrounding caravan parks, it is the perfect place to take your faithful companion for their daily walks.



It is no secret that another key aspect that draws tourists to caravan and touring parks are the fact that they can save a lot of money compared to other holidays. This leaves a lot more spending money to treat yourself and/or the kids to something that can remember the holiday by. However just because it costs less doesn't mean there isn't as much fun to be had with most onsite activities free for anyone staying at the park, you can also save a lot of money searching for things to do. Even if you opt for a more basic and back to nature Campsite its surprisingly easy to keep the kids entertained with woodland walks or day trips to the beach

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Our youngest enjoying staying in a Bell Tent at 5 months old 

Family Friendly

Pretty much all caravan parks are family-friendly, which means that families do not have to worry about finding areas suitable for children. Young children can explore the great outdoors and go on an adventure that will be sure to tire them out in the evening. Larger caravan and campsites also have play parks for children and some have entertainment or indoor pools.

Although caravanning, touring or camping may not be for everyone, it is something that everyone should at least try once. Perhaps you fancy camping at a festival this year (nearly all of them offer glamping options as well) well then check out this post about Family survival guide for festivals.

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  1. We LOVE camping - grew up camping every summer and continued it on with my husband now (who hadn't been in a tent before he met me lol). My dogs LOVE tent camping with us too, so its a great trip to bring them along as well, and gives us some awesome options for hiking trails travelling to those that I don't regularly get to enjoy!

    Britt | https://alternativelyspeakingonline.wordpress.com/

    1. Yay so good to hear that you love camping as much as I do! Also love that your dog enjoyed it too

      Laura x

  2. Camping is good idea for summers. After going through your post, i will sure plan a camping with my family.

    1. Thats great news Shirley, camping is great for family adventures

      Laura x

  3. We love camping, although I do like a campsite with some creature comforts like toilets and showers

  4. We love camping and caravannng. It's always great family fun. I wish we could afford our own caravan x


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