5 Tips for Helping Children Adjust when you move home


I know I've been talking about us moving for ages but we really are nearly at the finishing line in terms of getting the house ready to put on the market. This will be the 3rd move for our eldest so we have learnt a few things along the way about making the move less stressful and as easy an adjustment for the kids and wanted to share that with you if your planning to do the same soon. 

You cannot mask the fact that no matter how organised you are to some extent moving will take it's toll on every member of the family. The realities of your move become a much bigger deal when you think about the impact on your family, especially if you have children.While adjusting for an adult might not seem like a total life-changer, keep in mind that leaving behind most everything that's familiar to your child can be potentially difficult. To children, moving to a different city or state could be akin to moving to an entirely different planet.

Thankfully, moving your family around doesn't necessarily mean that your kids are destined to be miserable, instead get them involved and excited about the process. Keep the following tips in mind before, during and after the move to ultimately help your children adjust.

Give them Some Say in the Move

Taking your kids away from he familiarity of the place they have called home can be hard. The solution to avoid a potential meltdown is by first and foremost allowing them to have some say in your new home. This rings true whether you're dealing with toddlers or teenagers.

For example, allow your children to pick out new décor for their rooms, this will give them a sense of freedom as well as a project to concentrate on. Perhaps you could also let them choose the color of their room or how they're going to lay out their new space. Likewise, some new pieces of luxury bedroom furniture or other décor can serve to make your kids feel more comfortable, allowing them to be an active participant in the moving process.

Focus on the Positives

While young children may not be able to totally understand why you're moving, a positive attitude certainly helps. Constantly remind your children of the benefits of the move, whether that means a better standard of living or more opportunities for new, exciting local attractions, parks and places to explore. Also remind your children that their old hometown, street or area still exists and isn't gone forever: simply frame the move as a new adventure versus a must-do.

Talk About It

Similarly, it helps to talk to your children face-to-face about what the move means for your family. Find out what their fears if any are or what they are looking forward to most. This will give you a better picture of how they are feeling and how to help them with anything they are finding difficult.

Reestablish Some Old Routines

If you and your children used to always cook special meals on certain days of the week or go out for ice cream on Sundays, continue your family routines in your new space. Not only will this frame your new location as a “home,” but also reinforce the idea that life as they know it isn't over just because you moved.

The main tip is be gentle, take things slow if they are struggling to adjust and keep a good line of communication open. Just like packing for a holiday it can be a mixture of excitement and anxiety about the unknown but get the kids involved with the process so they feel apart of it rather than on the outside of it. 

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  1. We moved home last year and it was a big upheaval for the children. These are great tips

    1. Thanks so much Sarah - yeah it can be a real upheaval

      Laura x

  2. There's some great tips here! It's never easy when you move house.

    1. No it really isn't but there are things you can do to make it that little less stressful

  3. Great post - I recall moving house as a child and finding it quite upsetting! Good luck selling your home. x

  4. Some great advice here. I will pass this onto my nanny family - they will be moving away to Scotland and the 6 year old is a bit sensitive about it

  5. These tips are great! I'm on my second move with the kids and I agree the key for a happy time is to get them involved in the whole process x

  6. Such fab tips as it's such a sensitive time, we'll be having to do this soon so will put them into play x

  7. Some amazing tips here! we haven't moved since having the girls but are starting to look at buying out first house and it is such a worry but i love the idea of involving them in the process. x


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