7 Tips On Throwing The Perfect Birthday Party


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If you’ve been to birthday parties before (of course you have!), regardless of age wether it be for you celebrating a milestone of for your children then you know they can either be rather boring or incredibly fun and memorable.

Hosting a boring birthday party is definitely the last thing you want to do and since we are heading half way into this year already and starting to think about my eldest sons birthday later this year I thought I would share seven tips on how to throw an entertaining and unforgettable birthday party.

1. First thing - The Guest List

Before you plan anything you need to have a rough idea of numbers because that will dictate what kind of location you will need, food etc. Also you will have a clearer picture of how big or small your gathering is going to be as well as making sure all you don't forget anyone.

2. Pick A Fun Theme

The theme can make or break any party because it can help decide whether the party will feel fun or a bit of a non-starter. While it’s up to the birthday person to decide the theme some of the best are ones that are colorful, uplifting, and appeal to a general crowd. Examples here would include a beach party, a Mexican fiesta, a dance party for adults and pirate parties, pool parties and character parties are perfect for kids.

3. Don’t Procrastinate With Your Invites

As a general rule of thumb, send out your invites a minimum of three weeks before the party is to begin. People have lives and they need to figure out how they can fit the party into their schedules, so you’ll always be more successful in bringing more people over if you send out those invites well in advance.

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4. Write Out The Supplies You Need

Before you head out to buy all the supplies you need for the party, make a list of what you need first. Not only will this mean you have a clear idea of what you need but also give a realistic view of the budget and how much you need to spend. Supplies will include things like tables, food and drinks, presents, coolers, tablecloths, plates, eating utensils, music, games, sports equipment, and whatever else you need/

5. Don’t Go Overboard With The Food

Don’t feel obligated to make a long and convoluted menu for the party. Keep things simple by sticking with a couple of food items and beverages. Examples of crowd pleasing foods could include pizza, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, spaghetti, or lasagna.

6. Tidy Up Your House, Garden or location

If the party is going to be held at your home, you want to make sure that the inside of your house and the outside garden space have been cleaned and tidied up before the guests arrive. Ideally, complete this process one to two days before the actual party date.

7. Have Fun

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to have fun. This is what we throw parties for in the first place, right? Make sure that you have everything thoroughly planned out in terms of the games and activities you’ll play and when you’ll be eating food and cake to ensure that everything goes smoothly and results in the most fun for everybody. 

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  1. These are some really great tips and very useful as I am planning my little girls 8th birthday

    Anne x

    1. So glad you found this article useful and hope your little one has a fantastic party

      Laura x

  2. Planning a birthday party can be overwhelming so thanks for the tips Laura. I think there is nothing wrong with buying the party food ready made so you can spend more time with the birthday boy or girl!

  3. My princess is turning 5 next week and I am planning for a great party at my backyard.Thanks for the tips.I would be grateful if you could suggest some game ideas for the kids.

  4. Hi sidestreetstyle,
    I love all your You guys just so creative and hard working. I always think how i make my daughters birthday party awesome and memorable now after reading this post I get the some great ideas.


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