Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World


Helicopter ride

For the first 5.5yrs we had hardly seen one episode of Peppa Pig, I though we have actually managed to avoid this popular kids TV show. We don't watch that much TV as it is and my eldest had always preferred Animal documentaries, Mouk and Curious George over anything else. We have always been open in terms of creating a gender neutral environment but my eldest simply did not have any interest in Peppa or Thomas the Tank for that matter. 

That all changed however when my youngest discovered Muddy Puddles, George and his dinosaur and of course the curious Peppa. It quickly become his favourite thing and with gentle stories about the simple pleasures such as gardening, baking or jumping in puddles its something we embraced and to our surprise our eldest also quickly became a fan. We had been toying with the idea of taking a trip to an amusement park, we had visited a few small adventure centres but nothing very big so when we discovered that Paultons was home to Peppa Pig World and a bunch of rides and attractions suitable for both of the kids and a lot of places don't really accommodate so well for a 2yr old and 6yr old.

Mrs Rabbits Helicopter

Peppa Pig's house

 When we arrived the first thing that caught our eye was Mrs Rabbit Helicopter ride, luckily the queen was not too long and our wait was less than 10 minutes and both boys were so patient. It was a great start and both boys loved and it provided a great view of the park. We then headed over to Peppa Pig's house where Mommy, Daddy, George and Peppa where cooking up a storm with pancakes, then moving figures both captivated the boys.

Dinosaur Ride

Both boys love Dinosaurs so they were keen to find Georges Dino ride, luckily Baby G was just big enough to ride with me while my eldest was big enough to ride alone. The track bobs up and down while you pass an array of characters from the show including Grampa Pig, Susie Sheep and Mr Potato. Other popular rides with the kids where Granpa Pigs Boat Ride and Little Train with despite the age gap between my two both had a lot of fun.

Boat ride

As it was drizzling throughout the day it was not as busy as we expect which really suited us, both boys had waterproofs and it didn't stop us explore the whole park. Just before lunch there was a little meet and greet with Peppa and George and I am pretty convinced my youngest genuinely thought they were real. There is also a fantastic indoor playground and soft play with loads of slides and picnic benches and right next door there is a Peppa Toy shop of dreams and has everything you could imagine for little ones. 

Yellow ducks

Water feature

You could easily spend a few hours just at Peppa Pig World although there is a lot of Paultons to explore with plenty of outdoor play areas for all ages as well as rollercoasters for children around 5yrs plus. I was really surprised at how keen my eldest was to ride the bigger rollercoasters as well as explore the Dinosaur inspired Lost Kingdom where we got to meet an almost life-sized T-rex and go on the Dinosaur tour safari. We also took on the Cobra and Flight of the Pterosaur rollercoasters which you can watch on our vlog about day at Paultons. 

If you are planning to go I can honestly say if offers something for all ages so is perfect if you have a family wth both very young children and teenagers. I would advise that you get there early as it does get busier as the day goes on.

We received a family pass to come and review Paultons 


  1. I've never been, but my son went last year with his auntie and absolutely raved about the place.

  2. Miraculously, over the past seven years, Peppa has never infiltrated our house. But I do think the theme park looks great for little ones finding their feet when it comes to rides and thrills!

  3. We loved Peppa Pig World when we went - I think G was 3 when we went. She had a ball! Love your pics of your day!

  4. We've never been - but sure Beastie would love it!

  5. I've been on those helicopters! Unfortunately it was absolutely CHUCKING it down with rain, which made the whole thing a little awful. But still... it was quiet at least!

  6. Peppa Pig World is so much fun! We went a couple of years ago but now that Effie is two we're definitely due another visit!


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