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I don't think it's hard to dispute that once you become parents a relaxing break away every now and then is very much welcomed. To stay in a hotel where you don't have to worry about making the bed and a lie-in on a comfortable king-sized bed is a given. Of course due to time and expense it's not something many of us can afford to do as much as we would like which got me thinking why not inject a little bit of that luxurious feeling into your home and create a bedroom that is a haven for calm and relaxation?

I thought I would share easy, simple and cost-efficient ways to bring that luxury feel into your home when you don't have a massive budget. Here are my top 5

1. Declutter - edit your living, bedroom and bathroom spaces and by streamlining and making full use of any storage space you have will instantly make you feel more relaxed and make the room look more spacious. Go with a white or a more neutral palette to create a crisp luxurious feel that you get in a hotel.

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2. White linen - this is possibly the easiest way to give your room that instant luxury weekend away feel with very little work. Also opting for light and bright linen will make your bedroom look cleaner, brighter and renewed. If you really want to throw the boat out why not upgrade to a quality hotel duvet because is there anything better than wrapping yourself up in a new and super soft duvet. You don't have to have everything white either, you can add a spot of colour with a throw or wall art.  Personally, I opt for high-quality synthetic fibre filled bedding but if you are going to invest in duck feather featherbed than make sure you go with a company that has animal welfare at its heart and the down is a by-product, this is easy to do and won't cost you any more.

3. Pillows - so having discussed the duvets and linen what about Pillows that are equally as important and can have a real impact on your quality of sleep. I find after a while our pillows become somewhat lacklustre and lose their shape and flatten out so it is something that does need to be replaced and investing in luxury pillows will bring you comfort and well being during the night.

3. Bathroom towels - again soft and fluffy white and texture towels will instantly remind you of a night away. Also by recycling any old worn out towels and mismatched prints and scaling down to a few that work well together you can minimalism a little bit of clutter in your bathroom and make way for a more stylish relaxing start to the day. Also, why not treat yourself to a few at-home spa products so at the end of a long day you can sit and relax in a bath with some essential oils.

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4. Start the day right - one of my favourite thing about staying in the hotel is the breakfast, in fact, it's my favourite meal of the day yet it's often overlooked and when people are rushing around it's the one thing that seems to be compromised. As they say, it's the most important meal so take time to enjoy it with family. If you love coffee why not invest in a Cafeteria and pick up your favourite granola and some fresh fruit and a daily treat.

5. Fresh Flowers - now I know many of us are not Elton John and cannot afford an array of fresh-cut flowers in our house but picking up a small bouquet every now and then or even some Daffodils (which cost around £1 a bunch) is an instant pick me up for any room and adds that touch of the weekend feel. Another option could be using candles, incense, or even terpenes to capture the flavour and scents of many everyday products, flowers, or moments in time that make us happy when we smell them.

These are 5 fairly easy and cost-efficient ways to recapture that hotel feel at home. You don't need to do anything major, just a little streamlining and minimalism and investing in decent bedding and linen as well as some morning self-care.

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  1. What I really like about this post is how budget friendly all of these tips are! Thanks for sharing

    Kath x

  2. These are some great tips. I find tulips as well as daffodils to be affordable and bring that hotel feel to a room.

  3. I love all these suggestions, I think the white bed linen and lovely soft fluffy towels are my favourite things about hotels! I love fresh flowers, too, they really breathe life into your home don't they? :)

  4. I'd love to create this look at home. Some good tips here

  5. Great tips - I badly need to declutter before anything else! Kaz

  6. I love decluttering. It is so therapeutic. A nice way to end that hotel feel could be to spoil yourself with some bath products and a large glass of bubbly followed by pursuading your loved one to give you a massage. Bliss.

  7. Quality bedlinen really makes a difference I think and decluttering is key for taking away the strains of everyday life.


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