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Energy saving tips

For a lot of people, normal energy bills will account for a quite significant portion of the budget for the household and it's also one of the biggest drains on the planet. In fact, this one bill is typically only surpassed in amount by the mortgage or rent. For this reason, it is typically in the best interest of your budget and the environment if you can keep this bill as low as you possibly can. This will not only save you in terms of money, it will also conserve energy and make your home a little bit greener which is something we really all do need to start addressing sooner rather than later. 

Let’s take a closer peek at some of the ways that you can save money on your energy bills.

Unplug It

If you are not using something that is plugged in, either turn it off or unplug it. This can be made easy
even for those items that are plugged in places where the outlet is hard to reach by using a power strip. Then, you can simply turn the power strip off when you are not using whatever is plugged in to it. If you are using a device that is not equipped with a switch to turn it on or off, use an outlet that has an off/on switch. For example, you can connect both your television and your speakers to a single plug connector. Then, you will be able to turn off both items at the flip of a single switch. 


Lighting accounts for more of your energy bill than you might realize. This is why it is important to find the places for light switches and lights that are the most effective. You might also think about painting rooms bright and light colors. More light will be reflected by the brighter colors and this means that it will take lesslight to brighten the room. You can also replace all of your old fashioned incandescent light bulbs with the newer and more efficient LED or CFL bulbs. You also will want to avoid using ceiling flood lights, of course, this is unless they are using LED bulbs. Another great idea is to install dimmer switches on your lights. All of these things can add up to a significant savings.

energy saving
Keep rooms bright and light and saving on your lighting bills 

Compare Rates

When we moved into our current home more than 2yrs ago we stayed with the same energy provider because it seemed to make sense at the time and was far less hassle. Although after a year or so of us being very conservative with our use our bills simply were not reflecting this so we queried it and we were being charged way too much. We decided to go with a more ethical and greener provider which also saved us money, a win win all round. I your at all questioning your bill than why not compare it with out providers, such as the electric rates in Corpus Christi may be different to other areas and you may be shocked with what you find.

Turn down the Thermostat

Did you know the by turning down your thermostat but just 1°C can save you as much as £60 per year which is incredible and also very green. It's one of the easiest changes to make in your household and you really won't feel the difference. Also if you are feeling a little chilly why not put on a jumper and some cosy slippers before reading for the heating?

cosy scarf

Be laundry efficient

Again another really easy change and you have probably heard it loads before but washing your clothes at either 30-40 makes a huge savings especially as up to 90% of a washing machines energy expenditure comes from heating the water. Also if you have the space indoors or the weather is favourable hanging up your laundry to dry is a great money saving tip and far more economical on the planet.

Do you have any tips that you have found useful, energy efficient, economical and ethical in your household? Maybe you have shortened your showers or really good at reusing things, please share.


  1. Great advice - much of this is common sense but easy to forget! I always tell the kids to turn the lights off and I think we're all guilty of forgetting to unplug too.

  2. These are such good, practical tips for energy saving. I bought a few oversize thermals a few years ago, and just slip them on when I get chilly!

  3. I absolutely love these points.
    My mum works for an environmental company & its made me aware of things.

    I try my best to turn things off & change my ways x

  4. Such great tips. I'm really bad at unplugging things, such an easy thing to do save the pennies!

  5. Some great advice here... The postition of light switches made me laugh as we have a lightswitch that is behind the door that leads into hallway. However, the people who lived here before came up with an ingenious solution and took out the glass panel in the door where the lightswitch is! Now we can keep the door open and be able to use the switch - and you can't tell the panel is missing!

  6. Some great advice - I wish my washing machine was more flexible on washing temperatures.

  7. Good tips here - I really like recycling and hate throwing anything away in 'general waste'. Kaz :)


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