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As we move forward into the New Year for many that means a changes, motivation, goals and possibly a new you? Its also a time we start to spring clean, get rid of the old and bring in the new, we look forward to the new trends and the long lasting ones too and one of those trends that is staying around is embrace all that is retro with a modern twist. Simple stylish Scandi inspired interiors mixed with a touch of mad men and minimalism and this is also reflected in the clothes we are wearing with more and more people up cycling and recapturing that sense of the 90's but today.

I thought I would put together a fun little post of all that is retro but still on trend for 2017 including interiors and clothing. Firstly I know I am planning to update our dinning room tables and my love for Eames has never faded and year on year their simple and retro design have become both iconic and timeless.

Another big trend in the coming year is focusing on lighting. Creating rooms that are filled with light are what we all want and even though we may not all have huge floor to ceiling windows how we bring light into our homes is important and a something we shouldn't overlook. I love industrial pendant lights at the moment and came across these refreshing new take on pendant lights from

When it comes to personal style of course you need to dress in a way that makes you feel good and while I don't think it's important to subscribe to every style I think there are a few key pieces that are always on trend such as denim, simple styled shirts and well cut dresses, keeping things simple and adding a few select accessories to them. I have put together a little retro inspired mood board from one of my favourite online vintage stores Rokit where you can pick up some amazing and unique finds.

Retro themes 2017

1. Blue Denim Sleeveless dress £30
2. Rokit Recycled Black leather bag
3. Blue short dungarees £26
4. Coach brown leather bag £125
5. Anne Klein Oval sunglasses £33
6. Jack Purcell Gold Leather converse £55
7. Silver ring £22
8. Boutique gold and multicoloured cardigan £60

I am all about having fun when it comes to fashion and as you can see I do love a little bit of 90's throwback with the dungarees. Personally I really love that retro trends appear to be hear to stay and have been seen in both our homes and interiors as well as what we wear.

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  1. I am a huge fan of retro and vintage interiors! I really love those chairs from Nest - so chic

    Emma x

    1. Thanks so much Emma - I love those chairs as well

      Laura x

  2. I absolutely love the influence of the 60s and 70s in modern interior :))

    1. So do I! Everything was so stylish and chic then

  3. I love the frayed handbag and the gold converse. I have a few pairs of converse.

  4. I do love the Retro trend, there is something about the bold colours which are so inspiring x

  5. I love the retro trend although I never think I'm cool enough to pull it off. I need some new lights all through our house so hoping there'll be some fab new ones next year x


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