Getting the Festive Party Started


So I have been talking a lot about how to make your home warm and cosy, focusing on our winter outdoor adventures, collecting holly and bringing Christmas into the home, but the festive season is also about having fun with friends, letting your hair down and perhaps dressing up, dancing and adding a little sparkle into what is normally the coldest time of the year. 

It is of course the time to be merry as well as wave goodbye to the past year and welcome the new. I have seen a few fun pieces that really captures that fun party feel such as these gold high-top Converse and gold clutch. I have always loved the tutu skirt Carrie wears in sex in the city but I have never had the nerve to wear one although I do love the peachy midi skirt number from BooHoo. There is a fantastic website called Woznow which finds everything on sale from over 200 UK retailers such as this super cute pom-pom Breton top from Boden.

New Years

For many this time of the year can be the social highlight of their dairies, whether you're single, a young couple, parents or grandparents it often means family gatherings, nights out, events, theatre shows and even playdates. Right now in our life, we have two young children, one of whom doesn't settle well so late nights out are pretty much out the window at the moment but that doesn't mean we can't bring the celebrations to us, especially on New Years.

We are planning a fun little family-orientated shindig with lots of good food, music, early movies for the little ones as well as games and hopefully dancing like know ones watching with some colourful glow sticks. As much as at times I would love to have a night out right now thats not possible and some of the best memories are made when you become creative and in my personal opinion it's all about the company so why not invite some friends over this festive season, get all dressed up and let your hair down.

Here are a few things you can pick up to make a party at home one to remember

1. Lighting, candles and lanterns - they are a great way to create some atmosphere
2. Child-friendly canapés and finger food - think hummus, crudités, mini burgers
3. A range of child friends movies to keep the little ones entertained.
4. Balloons and glow accessories like these variety of glowing neon necklaces - simple and budget friendly but always keeps kids happy while adding some colour to any room.
5. Lots of music (just make sure they are the censored versions so suitable for everyone)

Are you planning a party at home or do you have lots of nights out planned

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  1. games is a good one for the little ones too. always bring a lot of laughter :)

  2. We never go out as a couple any more either. Luckily we love nights in, can't wait to make New Year's Eve extra special.

  3. This is a great post. I love a christmas party x

  4. Those shoes are gorgeous!! I love the pink skirt too, but I'm. It sure I could pull it off xx

  5. What a gorgeous post. Lots of inspiration here. I agree that candles set a lovely atmosphere at this time of year.

  6. Ohh that skirt! I love it. I don't actually have any parties or nights out planned this Christmas ... unless you count a toddlers' Paw Patrol party!


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