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They say first impressions always count and when I walk past a pretty front door I am always drawn to it. I wonder about the person or people who live behind that door and what beautiful interior they may have. A front door can say a lot about a person, some are colourful others classic or imposing and at the end of the day, home decor should be fun. Nothing is more satisfying than putting the finishing touches to an interior room or exterior space to complete the transformation. That said, there are a few boring tasks that also need to be done and either you need a plumber, electrician or a cleaner. Easefix provides Professional Workers for your daily routine at affordable rates.

For example, buying new doors is not something that everyone looks forward to doing (I love it though), but regardless of how you feel this is an important task. After all, the first thing your visitors will notice when entering a room is one of the larger and more highly noticeable features of any interior space. Therefore not redecorating your doors, or buying new ones, when you do redecorate, can be a real mistake. The most important thing is to make sure you use a reputable business when looking for Denver Window and Door replacement, a company that will offer a variety of choices. The tips below will help guide you to making the right choice when it comes to chasing the right door for your home.

Get the measurements right

The first step is to measure your current door and doorway. Doors come in a range of sizes, so this is an important task. This video shows you how to do it the right way because the last thing you want is to get it wrong which will cause all kinds of delays and could end up costing you money.

London door
Some cute front doors I came across in London 


Before you go out to buy your doors you need to decide what style you want to go with, its usually best to get something that is within keeping of the rest of the house. There is no point in spending a fortune on revamping a room to have the overall look ruined by a door that does not match. The finish and door design are just as important as the style of the handle, and the colour.

Cleaning and maintenance 

You may want to consider if you would prefer a more rustic or wooden door or rather opt for one such as PVC that is easy to clean and maintain. If you do not like cleaning much or are short on time, it is best not to buy one with glass panels, because that type of door will need to be wiped down at least once a week.

Practical considerations

The doors you buy also need to be practical. For example, if you have children, it would be safer not to buy a glass door. You also need to think about soundproofing. Doors play an important role in how sound travels throughout your home. If you want privacy going for a heavy-duty option will help reduce the amount of sound that escapes from each room.

It is also well worth considering buying fire check doors. These do cost a bit more, but installing them will give you and your family an extra sense of security as well as extra time to get out of the house should there be a fire in your home.


As with any long-term investment, it's always quality over quantity and it's no different when it comes to purchasing doors. If they are not well made, they will soon look shoddy, and need replacing. At the end of the day they play an important role in keeping your home warm and dry so spending a little more for a high-quality product would be well worth it.

Yellow front door

Where to buy your doors

A specialist store may be hard to come by, especially if you live in a small town but with the beauty of the internet and with most of the UK having access to decent wifi, it means as long as you know your measurements then shopping online will most likely provide you with the largest choice. Retailers such as Doorstore have a huge choice and a good warranty as well as a showroom in both the UK & Ireland if you rather pick in person. As long as you follow these tips, have a clear idea of what you want then there is no reason why you want end up with doors that are both practical, long lasting and stylish.


  1. These are beautiful! I love our door. It's black with a chrome knocker and letterbox. We had it made from a local company as well as a glass pannel above with the number of our house.

  2. I mostly love our door - it's a lovely lavender colour and looks good. Just wish it had a little stained glass.

    1. That does sound nice, I love lavender colour doors

      Laura x

  3. When I was living with my parents they had a beautiful stained glass front door it was really nice and really made a statement when I own a house I would like to have a daughter like this fab post

  4. We have a really ugly front door - I would love a funky modern one

  5. I wish we had a more exciting door on the front of our house. When we get to that part of the redesign I will bear your tips in mind

  6. Great post man & beautiful pics of the painted panel doors :)
    When you think about purchasing a new door of your property many criteria will keep in mind like Firstly, it is important to evaluate the quality of the product rather than opting for the cheapest one. Second one is Warranty and guarantee and Third one is choose reputed suppliers.


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