Christmas Decorations and Advent calendars


Can you believe it's the first of December already! It's officially time to take in all that is festive and Christmassy and start decorating the house (if you haven't already). Each year I keep telling myself that I am going to pick up some really beautiful glass baubles and get rid of the tinsel and anything too garish and invest in some quality Christmas decorations and finally I did just that. I picked up some cute and colourful ones from H&M, traditional glass icicles from IKEA and a beautiful glass start and feathered pheasant from John Lewis, as well as a few other bits and bobs.

Christmas decorations

The first is also the start of Advent and if you have not picked up one I can highly recommend both the chocolate one from Godiva and Hotel Chocolate and if your looking for a sugar free option for kids than perhaps a Lego Advent would be perfect, we picked up one from House of Fraser. We have also started making a few Christmas decorations which is always a fun pastime in our household, I wrote about some Christmas paper crafts here. This year we have a few kits on hand to make things a little easier as my youngest has still not grasped crafts and it can be quite hard getting things prepared while entertaining him. We have a Toucan box of Christmas crafts as well as an Evergreen Christmas tree kit from Stamping up which we have started putting together.

As I have had so much fun picking up my new decorations I also put together a little Christmas Haul vlog and now I cannot wait for our real tree to arrive over the weekend. How do you celebrate Christmas (or do you not celebrate it?), are you a fake or a real tree family?


  1. Ooh my son would love the Snowman snowglobe

  2. I really feel like I don't know where the year has gone although I have to admit I am excited for Christmas!!!

    Soph x

  3. I love the cute little Christmas trees you've made - they look perfect for brightening up a desk at work too.


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