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I have to admit that if you’d asked me a few years ago whether my first choice when it comes to windows would be uPVC I would have certainly shaken my head with a defiant NO. I have always been a keen preserver of all things original, especially in period properties, and my heart would always sink when I would drive past a beautiful bay fronted Victorian home where they had ripped out the lovely sash windows and opted for uninspiring uPVC ones.

However, over time my mind has slowly been changed as now there is so much choice, and with quality companies such as G2S producing high quality window frames in keeping with the original style of your home, while offering the most eco friendly option in terms of keeping the heat within your home, it really does feel like it’s the best choice not only for your utility bill but also the environment.

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Maybe the shift has come with age or perhaps the fact that it's become more and more apparent that as a society we need to do what we can to make our homes as energy efficient as possible and as individuals we need to be more frugal with our use of heating. One may argue that the production of uPVC windows is damaging, as is production of many products we use daily, so the long term benefit has been to seen here. (Although there have been recent developments in Europe called the Texiloop system, which safely recycles unwanted uPVC and allow their disposal without harming the environment.) Veka, a German company, has also gone one step better by building a factory that recycles uPVC products and turns the recycled material back into new uPVC windows, which really is fantastic news.

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My first suggestion would be to keep any existing windows you have that are effective and not damaged. Unless they are really not your taste than there is no reason to replace something needlessly. If you are looking to replace your windows however here are a few reason why uPVC makes a lot of sense.

1. UPVC windows are number one when it comes to energy efficiency, which means reduced energy and heating costs. They are also extremely durable, long lasting and easy to maintain, meaning you probably won’t ever need to replace them.

2. Gone are the days of boring white windows - now there is a huge choice in terms of style and materials to suit any style of property, from solid and woodgrain finishes to expansive bay and traditional sliding sashes, as well as being able to pick from an array of colours.

3. The are weatherproof! UPVC is non-corrosive meaning rust will not be a problem. Neither will damp, which is something that can be an issue in the UK.

4. They are secure. As with most homeowners you want to have peace of mind that your home is as secure as possible and not only do they use locking systems and have extra secure locks but double glazed windows are also much harder for intruders to cut through.

5. They are made to measure. Companies such as G2S use a unique fitting method with multiple seals between your home and the outside which helps create a highly effective barrier against the outside elements.


Of course it's really important to go with a reputable company so take time to do your research. Always use ones that are registered, can give examples of previous work and preferably customer testimonials as well to make sure you are 100% happy with the product. If you’re looking to take a step into making your home as energy efficient as possible than these windows are really something you should be considering.

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  1. Handy post. Makes sense to do your research properly so you make the right decision.

  2. My house had the original tin/wood windows when we moved in, so terrible for draughts and moisture. I was so happy when we got UPVC double glazing, the savings on the bills has been tremendous!

  3. We had the original wooden windows in our house when we first moved in. Unfortunately, the people who lived here before us didn't look after them and they had gone mouldy. Such a shame. We now have pvc windows and they keep our home much warmer.

  4. Very nice post indeed!!! Upvc is cheaper material it is available at low cost compared to aluminum and timber. I think heritage windows are also better option its traditional handles are fully lockable for added security.

  5. House renovation is a chance for double glazing. The best double glazing can change your house look into a newer and best one. Trying a website for advice is a good idea.

  6. That's the right thing. The double glazing window is really good for house or any place. It retains the house temper so that the ambience stays balanced.


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