Redesigning our Living room starting with the Sofa


As some of you may already know we bought our current property as a bit of a project that needed some work done, before intending to sell, hopefully later this year. We have slowly been working through each room getting ready to put it on the market. Things have gone much slower than expected, mainly because having two small kids at home is not overly conducive for renovations. The picture above is our partially finished living room space, at this point, we had taken away the badly built-in shelves and terrible wooden surrounds and replaced them with more useful storage but otherwise, we have pretty much been making do as the living room didn't have too many issues to start with but now we are ready to get the paint out and get what we need to be done to finish this room.

Firstly we will be painting the walls white instead of this slight off white shade, we are going to paint all the skirting boards, fix the fireplace surround, box in wires properly, get a carpenter in to build a new housing for the gas & electric meters and possibly replace the carpet. We are also going to declutter and strip back to a simple and minimal interior and invest in some beautiful wall prints.

fabric sofa

We want to keep the space light, airy and still contemporary and one of the big focus points of any living room space is the sofa as not only is this where you relax but it's also where at times you socialise if you have friends over or have quality family time to play board games or just snuggle up in the evening so the sofa is one of the larger investments you will make when it comes to living room purchases.

For myself, there are four main criteria when it comes to picking a sofa

1. Design
2. Quality
3. Supporting homegrown businesses
4. Price

We would love to replace our current sofas with something that we can take to the new house, which will hopefully be a victorian property, so something fairly modern but can also look good in a bayfront property would be perfect. Practicality and design are also really important as we don't have that much space so choosing something that works well is so important and I am considering getting a corner sofa which would work really well in my living room. 

fabric sofa

Is it strange to feel really excited about discovering a company nearby where you live that makes such beautiful sofas including stunning Chesterfields? We feel like we finally know who we are going to use when replacing our current living room furniture but they are also an environmentally friendly company that only uses non-tropical hardwoods sourced from sustainable European forests, plus it's not being shipped from China so keeping the carbon footprint down. So one would then think the costs are going to be high for a quality the UK made product but it's not as they themselves source the fabrics and leathers direct from the weavers and tanners as well as making all the furniture in-house and keeping overheads low.

So once we have stripped back to basics in our living room, and replaced our tired and well-used sofas I will be starting on the wall space and bringing some much-needed pops of colour to the room. Wall Art is also a great way to express yourself and being a unique feel to any space. ElephantStock has an amazing selection of wall prints, art and canvases for any type of room and I'm really looking forward to getting stuck in and making homely living space for the whole family. 

wall art

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  1. Ah, I am jealous. I love those kind of projects, but still renting unfortunately, so have to hold back. :( Saving your post for the future though, some great ideas here. Thank you x

  2. I really like the criteria you have for a new sofa. Ours is falling apart and we are looking to get a new one so this is inspirational! I love the accessories!

  3. You can't beat a good sofa, it's gotta be comfortable as well as looking good x

  4. I love the grey sofa! It's a bit like the ones I have now except mine has multi coloured buttons on the back! The green one looks lovely too x

  5. Great choice. Love the grey sofa, looks so comfortable too.

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  7. Good choices on the wishlist, I'm a bi fan of terrariums, particularly good to have around if you live in the heart of suburbia!


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