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Arrival – Moving Day

It is important that the cars arrive before the vans so that someone is there to open the house and unload the smaller items whilst the removal men pack up the last of the boxes. Start loading smaller and essential items into the cars and when you arrive at the new home you can start unpacking the cars, just make sure you put these boxes somewhere safe and out of the way. Once the vans arrive, unload the large furniture from the van and place them in the house roughly where you want them to stay in a room, then move everything in around it later on.

When selecting a removal company ensure you pick a local business that covers your area, for example in London if you’re looking for Chelsea Removals then spend a good bit of time looking around and finding out which companies cover specific areas, and what charges may be incurred if you cross the distance threshold of some lesser removal companies.

All boxes should be labelled, so drop them into their allocated rooms accordingly. If on the move day the weather is wet/muddy, put down sheets (or flattened cardboard boxes) to prevent mess and muddy boots as a lot of people will be coming in and out of your property and you do not want muddy boots on your new carpet. Some people can use plastic slip-ons to make this process a little easier, but still this involves a lot of taking off and on every time you enter the house.

You can also choose to put all your boxes and packing material aside and offer them to someone looking to move home (as mentioned in the first steps).

Now is the time to begin unpacking the rooms in order of use, but remember from the previous step the kettle is always the most important item; sure in your essential kit you have tea bags, milk, coffee and biscuits! Try to remember to take photos of the current meter readings, and introduce yourselves to the neighbours when you get a moments rest.

One of the most important rooms to setup is the bedroom, make sure your bed has been assembled and that you have your curtains up. There is nothing worse than going to bed after a busy move day without any curtains up. Streetlights and early morning sunlight is not a welcome guest after a busy day.

Lastly once you’re in your new home source a fine local takeaway to celebrate! You will be fairly tired and maybe still a little stressed after a long day moving so

The rest of the house can be unpacked at your own pace in the coming days and weeks. Pat yourself on the back for successfully moving house and navigating one of life’s major stresses relatively pain free.

3 Websites that may help with your move

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  1. As a moving professional I would like to add that is really important to label your moving boxes with relative weight (light, medium and heavy). It will make each trip to and from the truck a lot easier because I am sure that you don't want to place a heavy box on top of a light one.

  2. nice article , I like your guide with this instructions will life easier when moving house.

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