10 Home Improvements you can do yourself


chic interior
I love this well curated interior space, minimal clutter (image via cotswold)

When you're working on a budget and want to brighten up your home, hiring an expert may not always be the best option. Indeed, there are plenty of great improvements that you can make to your home without the need for any expert at all. Here are just 10 of them. 

1. Re-arrange

Yes, improving your home really could involve something as simple as re-arranging your furniture.
Try freeing up more space by experimenting with the placement of different pieces. You should take care to open up as much space in the centre of a room as possible to avoid you or guests tripping.

2. Mirrors

As simple as they seem, mirrors are a great way to improve the interior of your home, because they give the illusion of more space. They're also great at reflecting light to help illuminate your home.

3. Photographs

Make your home unique to you. Photos of friends and family aren't just for frames on walls - they can also be incorporated into your home in other ways. One great way to utilise photos is by placing underneath a glass top table to add that personal touch to what may otherwise be a pretty impersonal coffee table.

interior inspiration
A beautiful way to display vintage photography. (image via cotswold)

4. Lighting fixtures

Lighting is sometimes best left to a professional, but of course, depending on the fixture in question, you may also install it on your own. Just think how much class you could bring to a room with a new attractive lighting fixture, such as a chandelier. This is a simple way of dressing up some of the less impressive parts of your home, like the hallway or utility room.

5. Tap change

Taps don't seem too glamorous, but they can bring higher functionality to your kitchen or bathroom and come in a wide range of sleek chrome and silver designs.

6. Foliage

Take your garden into consideration and spruce it up with trees or a flower bush of choice. Alternatively, you could try dotting some flowers or houseplants indoors, to help keep the air cleaner and bring some life to the interior of your humble abode. 

I love bringing nature into the home (image via cotswold)

7. Crown moulding

Crown moulding is the perfect way to bring some flair and glamour to the top corners and edges of the rooms in your home. It isn't too expensive or awkward to install, either - most types of crown moulding comprise a sturdy foam or plastic.

8. A lick of paint

Roll up your sleeves and get painting. Not only can you make your home feel more personal to you with a new lick of paint, but it can also boost the value of your property if you ever consider selling.

9. Convert the garage

If you don't own a car, your garage is going to waste - so why not turn it into a living area to open up more space in your home? This would make hosting parties a lot easier, too.

10. Shelving

Installing shelves throughout the home is a great way to turn empty corners of your home into highly functional storage areas. Shelves are very easy to put together as well, making for a largely stress-free weekend DIY project.

rustic interior
Love this painted wood panelling and kitchen interior (image via cotswold)

For the bigger jobs, sites such as My Build Estimate can get you quotes for reliable building and installation companies, but if you want to take home improvements into your own hands, these tips cover just a few of the DIY possibilities.

You'll get a higher sense of satisfaction knowing that it was your own graft that made your home beautiful.

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  1. Great tips, I've done many of these over the years. Some simple changes can be really effective and not break the bank.

  2. I have recently moved into a bigger home and will be using some of your tips when making my house a home. Very useful post x

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