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Spring trends

My one favourite things about the changing of the seasons is putting together a go-to capsule wardrobe that allows me to mix and match a few different key items to create simple but stylish outfits. This time last year I could be excused for not being on top of things as my main priority was trying to get some sleep in-between feeding and changing a 2month old baby but a year on and I attempting to be more organised as when I dress well I feel good.

I have also realised that I am in real need of some new clothes - I went on a spending ban when I found out I was pregnant with my second child so it's been a good two years since I have done a proper overhaul and I am loving all the soft a delicate castle tones in store at the moment and Coast capture that light and carefree style perfectly.

So what are the key things you need this season to nail your spring summer look?

1. Keep your essentials neutral and build on top of that, don't clash prints and keep things subtle while adding pops of colour in the form of accessories

2. Soft floral prints, gold, pink and copper are all in and adding a few key pieces into your wardrobe will make sure your on-trend this season.

3. Accessorise but don't go overboard - Spring is all about simplicity so invest in a few practical but stylish items that work well with many different looks, such as sunglasses, clutch bag and statement necklace.

4. Quality over quantity - if your thinking off adding a few new pieces to your wardrobe this spring always go in with the mindset of less is more as investing in well-made quality pieces will see you through the whole season and hopefully more. Try and pick up pieces that work with a variety of outfits and can be taken through into summer.

5. Be comfortable be confident - the real key to looking good is feeling confident and happy with what you are wearing - it really does make a huge difference so make sure to dress for yourself and not others and you will be sure to rock it this spring.

So I have put together a little moodboard capsule collection that I think sums up this seasons trends, lots of light pastel tones with a touch of gold and pink. My favourite piece has to be the Ciarra dress from Coast and the Quay Marble sunglasses.


  1. Okay I love the idea of creating little capsule wardrobes through the seasons...I'll be honest and say I have an embarassingly full closet and I wake up super duper early, so picking outfits isn't always easy or convenient. Like you, I feel much better when I'm well dressed so I love this idea of taking a few items that you can create outfits with and kind of building around that. Great post and great tips! XO -Kim

  2. I can't wait to start dressing for spring, I've unpacked all my skirts and sandals and they are just waiting to be worn. I have to admit I'm still in my snow boots and winter coats though, it's so bloody cold still! x

  3. I adore that dress! I can imagine myself swishing around in it in the summer! (in my mind i have no children dragging at my ankles!!)

  4. Sigh. I do like those pink trainers, but here on the ranch they'd get completely muddy/messy in minutes. Maybe I could have them as house shoes?

  5. These are all gorgeous - Belle would LOVE them! She has a real thing at the moment about pale and rose pinks.

  6. Love this! I adore the sunglasses, bit addicted to buying them actually! The dress is gorgeous too! I need to go summer shopping so you've helped me get started! x

  7. I love all the pastel colours too... however they are not always practical with three outdoor-loving kids! Those trainers are gorgeous! Love them x


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