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I have always lived by the rule of purchasing things upfront but occasionally things crop up, life happens and staggering the cost of things over a few months is actually the least stressful option. When I was pregnant both times I went on a personal spending ban - meaning I didn't purchase anything for myself for about a year, instead putting aside what I had for the new arrival. This however did mean that once I was getting back into my pre-maternity wear that I was pretty low on seasonal clothes and replying on classics, which I made work for a while but everyone likes to look and feel good and this is the kind of time that online catalogue shopping would be an option. 

It provides consumers with more flexibility and choice than retail outlets on the high street as well as being less stressful if you have a new baby at home to look after or simply very busy as everything is brought to you plus you can pay for your order in installments and choose from a wide range of products from the comfort of your home. So which online fashion retailers offer this service, well I thought I would put together my favourite three online fashion catalogues.

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Wearing a denim shirt dress from Next

1. Very

Very has an assortment of clothes for men, women and children, including big-name brands and new designer labels. There are various finance and repayment options, and you have your purchase delivered to your door. Need your items in a quicker time frame? Choose the next day delivery option at checkout. You'll find ordering clothes and accessories a breeze on Very's online store, where you can filter products based on brand, price and other features. Alternatively, just search for the products you are interested in with the easy-to-us search feature.

2. Next

As well as being a hughstreet retailer Next is a major player in the catalogue industry. You can open a new account at your nearest branch, online or over the phone. There are loads of fashion accessories and clothes to choose from and they have something for every member of the family. They have also been around for a longtime and know what their fashion forward customers are looking for and they have their eye on the season trends as well as being know for good quality and customer service.

This is the place to look if you want to capture that effortless chic French style and they stock everything you need for your Parisian inspired outfits. They have an excellent selection of accessories and also stock guest brands such as Vero Moda and Levi's. They also stock Mens and children clothing.

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