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So I missed last months Home Schooling round up as we have been away so much over the past month which has been fantastic for learning on the go but has also meant I had fallen a little behind with my monthly update so in this post I will be sharing what we have been learning throughout Feb and March.

Caerphilly Castle
Exploring Welsh Castles

There have been a few changes to our normal routine of late as Baby G is firmly on his way of no longer being a baby but rather a toddler and is very mobile since he started walking at 10.5 months and will be 14 months soon. This has meant that when he used to be happy to sit in his highchair or with some of his toys while we did workbook or crafts is no longer the case. We still try and fit small projects in each day but a lot of our learning has naturally moved outdoors with the change in the seasons as well as Baby G's ever increasing mobility.


Saying that we have still been doing a fair amount of water-colour painting as not only does this provide a creative outlet but also encourages eye hand co-ordination, we have also discovered foil sticker making which has been a popular activity. We were sent a number bundle - a mathematics activity box to try out and as Mr A's interest lean more to maths at the moment than reading and writing we were pretty excited to get stuck in, it supports the national curriculum and is mined at children age 3-7yrs. There is a variety of crafts in the box and we enjoyed making the abacas the most and using it for basic sums.

Our homemade abacus 

Since we have done a fair amount of travel over the past month we have been focusing on the world map as well as the solar system and have followed that through into some of our lego builds which has included city landscapes and forms of transport such as ships and a helicopter Mr A built. Hopefully in our new home (when we finally move that is) I will have more space or ideally a separate room where we can set up everything we need such as a noticeboard from teachers board or black board, shelves for filing and space to hang up work. As you can imagine I have been looking on Pinterest at creative spaces for learning and have a fair few ideas when we finally setting in a new place.

Lego helicopter

In terms of outdoor learning and adventures, we have been exploring some fairly local castles such as Caerphilly Castle as well as the Celtic village at St Fagans. We also visited an outdoor farm park which I will share in another post, plus of course our forest adventures in both the UK and Helsinki.

As with any family dynamic things change all the time and we are just trying to go with the flow at the moment and are looking forward to a fun action packed summer and I have put a little round up vlog together about some of the things we have been using to aid our learning journey so do check it out. Also if you Home School why not link up with This Homeschooling Life Linky

Thanks to the Number Bundle for sending us an activity box to review. This post contains a supported link

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  1. Fascinating to get an insight into your home schooling - I don't know how you have the patience to find interesting and educational things to do all day every day! x

    1. I can be pretty hard at times but actually kids love to learn and we are never short of things to find out about :)

      Laura x

  2. I agree with the previous comment! it's amazing to get a rare look into homeschooling and it's amazing how much effort you put into your child's schooling! I love the home made abacus!

  3. I've always been fascinated by women who home school their children - to me you are superwomen! It's been lovely for a little peek into your life, thank you for sharing it with us :)

    Lottie xx

  4. I have so much admiration for you homeschooling! I love the abacus :-)

  5. I am totally in awe of your home schooling and others who do it! xx

  6. It is really lovely to hear about the things you do with home always sounds like hard work, so it's great to see how positive and creative it can be xx

  7. Same as Kat - you are so creative and dedicated. Really inspiring to see. x

  8. love that abacus Laura :) It's funny how much the dynamics change from month to month, and just when I think it's not working, everything shifts again and suddenly things seem so much easier.

  9. I love reading about home school activities. Even though both my girls are in school, i still love doing activities with them, especially through the holidays, so i love getting activity inspiration x


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