Bosinver Farm Cottages, Cornwall Part 2


Bosinver Farm Cottages

Last month we had the chance to spend a few amazing days down in Cornwall at the luxury self catering Bosinver Farm Cottages near St Austell, in my first post I focused on the accommodation and outdoor activities on offer, in this my second post I want to share what there is to do indoors, wether it be a rainy day or you fancy a dip in their heated pool, there is plenty to do.

No stone has been left unturned at Bosinver when it comes to family friendly facilities and what's best is everything is included in the price, from the wifi to gym equipment, wellies, umbrellas and a film library, it's all free to use. What was a real hit with both of the boys was the designated Play bar which had something for everyone including treadmills and a cross-trainer should you feel the need to get fit while the kids have fun.

Soft play Bosinver

Bosinver playbarn

The play barn was particularly useful when we had a very wet day and after a mid-morning adventure we headed back to the farm and I had a chance to read a magazine in the warm while both of them enjoyed the climbing farm, soft play and different ride-on vehicles as well as a variety of toys and crafts. All located in a beautiful light barn conversion with views over the adjacent field which we spied many rabbits running across.

Bosinver Cornwall

Another highlight was the stunning indoor pool which is not only luxurious but also eco-friendly and is heated by solar-power. We visited the pool three times during out stay and my eldest absolutely loved it, it was just the right temperature and he made some real leaps and bounds with his swimming, especially as there are pool noodles and kickboards on hand and as soon as you jump out you can jump under the wall of warm showers.

Indoor pool Bosinver

Bosinver pool

For the older kids and teens there is also a games room with table football, pool and ping pong, giving them some space to socialise and have fun. If you rather spend sometime in your cottage you can pick up Nanny Pat's baking box from the reception and get creative with your little ones in the kitchen and once that's done why not cosy up on the couch and watch a film together?

Bosinver Cornwall

There is a really goo reason why these cottages have been awarded 4 and 5 star self-catering ratings and that comes down to not only the high end accommodation but also the excellent family friendly facilities and during our stay we met a lot of families who were returning customers on their second or third stay at Bosinver and I am pretty sure we will be visiting again soon in the future.

Thanks so Bosinver for inviting us to stay 


  1. Oh my word, the pool looks amazing! I once stayed in a holiday cottage outside Plymouth which had an indoor pool. I had it all to myself each morning - bliss! Have a great day. x

  2. I LOVE that the kids softplay stuff is next to gym equipment - I would LOVE to be able to work out next to the kids. GENIUS! x

  3. This place looks incredible. I just want to jump into the pool. I like how the pool is eco-friendly. Having gym equipment alongside a kids play area is a very clever idea. I bet lots of mums can't work out as they need to keep an eye on the children. Now they can do both.

    Tea in the Tub

  4. This seems like a lovely place and I love your YouTube video! Great post and congrats on the nomination :) x

  5. Oh man! This is so gorgeous! My wee man would love this place and looks relaxing for the parents too! Well, anywhere that caters well for kiddies makes a relaxing time for parents, I reckon! x

  6. Ooh that pool!!! I need a holiday and soon! Looks like a lovely break for you and the kiddos xx

  7. It looks like you had a lovely little holiday! Farm holidays are a wonderful idea for young families and I absolutely adore St Austell as a holiday destination. From it's golden beaches to wonderful wooded hills it's hard not to fall in love with the area. Even without all the entertainment and activities that Bosinver farm clearly offer it's a fabulous part of Cornwall and you'll always find things to do.


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