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Ceramic Owl
Taken on my new Sony xperia

So first of all this is Not a sponsored post - believe me I wish it was because having to fish out £169.99 for a new phone because yours dropped down the toilet after placing it in your back pocket is no fun. I have heard of that kind of thing happening to others and never thought I could do something so stupid but I proved myself wrong on that front. So goodbye iphone and alas I do not have £339 to buy an iphone 4 let alone an iphone 5 and only being eligible for an upgrade next year August didn't leave me many options.

As a blogger I there are certain requirements I need from a phone

1. Good camera! This is a must, especially since I have a toddler that I want to capture when he is doing something funny.
2. Needs to be able to connect to various social media platforms easily.
3. Has to be Wifi compatible.
4. Needs to be fairly easy and smooth to navigate.
5. Can run Apps in an fast and efficient way.

What are your requirement for a phone?

Basically I want an iphone but without the price tag. So after a lot and I mean a lot of umming and ahhing I decided on the Sony Xperia J.

Sony smartphone

If I had had the luxury of time I would of done some research and possibly would of gone for an iphone 4 refurb but alas I did not have that luxury as I could not be without a phone especially when my son was with the grandparents and they may need to get hold of me. It's not as smooth as an iphone but for a few months until I can upgrade I feel this is a solid phone

It takes decent photos as Sony is know for making good lenses. It runs all the apps I use and social media platforms run fast, it also has a nice large screen, larger than my Iphone and it's also thin and light. Here are a few shots I have had fun with

Anchor broach

Green dragon

Hotrod yellow car

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