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I am all about thrifting and up-cycling and of course finding bargains so when I can tie this in with being eco it's a win win all round so when I came across this book in my local library for 20p I had to get it. I already collect books for little Mr.A to read when he is older and I hope that he puts this one to good use

All over the world, the emphasis on environmental efforts seems to be increasing, as more and more people begin to recognize the importance of living environmentally responsible lifestyles. However, even as awareness grows, many people are still largely unaware of what they can do as individuals to live green lifestyles and books like this put it into an easy to digest perspective. The funny thing is, there usually isn't anything particularly difficult about being more environmentally responsible!

Particularly with regard to your life in your home, there are a number of green efforts you can make while maintaining entirely normal home ownership. You can still have a technological security system, you can still entrust your home to an Aviva insurance policy, and you can still rely on basic necessities like lighting and running water. Green efforts are more about the little things here and there that, when multiplied by thousands or millions of households, can make an incredible difference. Here are a few examples on the RSPB site of ways to be environmentally responsible in your home life.


Throwing used cans and glass bottles into a recycling bin is easy, and basic. Fortunately, most cities and towns make it fairly easy for you to dispose of this sort of recyclable material. However, if you truly want to make your mark in green living, try to expand upon your recycling efforts. Things like paper and cardboard are often thrown out, for example, when they too can be recycled. Additionally, you can recycle used electronic equipment, instead of simply hanging onto it or throwing it away.

Conserve Water

Water waste is one of the most environmentally harmful practices that occurs in a vast majority of homes. Often, people waste gallons of water each day without even realizing they're doing so. Things like leaving tap water running while brushing your teeth, or taking lengthy showers - even running water to wash food or dishes, instead of using a sponge and rinsing occasionally - can all waste enormous amounts of water. Try to be more careful about not letting excess water flow out of your taps, and you will be doing a great environmental service.

Conserve Electricity

Conserving electricity is a very significant aspect of any green effort, and there are a number of ways that you can do it in your own home. If you truly want to commit to as significant green effort, you may want to consider installing solar panels on your roof, as they can eliminate a great deal of your need for electricity. However, you can also make simpler effective efforts by doing things like leaving unnecessary lights and appliances turned off. In fact, even unplugging such appliances while they are out of use can conserve electricity, believe it or not. These small efforts can add up in a significant way.

Making sustainable fashionable and lifestyle choices

So many brands have there own eco lines such as H&M which does the very stylish conscious collection and the very popular online shop People Tree has some great on trend pieces. It is also well worth a look at your local charity shops as you never know what your going to find and can bring life back to unwanted or unused clothes and accessories, I don't know how many amazing little one off pieces I have found - here are a few of my personal favourites.

thrifted brooch
I love this Anchor brooch I found at a 2nd hand store

Silver heart necklace

Thrifted bracelets

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