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Sometimes I just wake up and feel like having a real fun fashion day - which everyday should be really because you only live once and you should live it smiling. I was asked by TightsPlease to review a pair of their tights and wow what a choice - over 20 000 items in stock at anyone time I was really spoilt for choice! But as soon as I came across these Pamela Mann Fairisle printed tights I knew they were the ones for me. I paired them up with a denim shirt from Topshop, Peace necklace, Cazal 607 glasses and biker boots from Peacocks. I think when wearing a really busy print such as the tights you don't want to distract from it so always pair it with something more subtle, in my case the denim shirt. These tights are super smooth and lovely and will be wearing them a lot in the prints

Topshop denim shirt
Pamela Mann tights, Topshop denim shirt, Peacock biker boots, Cazal 607 glasses
Cazal 607
Fairisle print

I was given a pair of tights in exchange for a review


  1. those are such great tights! i have a similar pair of leggings and a similar shirt, i think you've inspired me :)

  2. HI Krystal

    Thanks so much for the kind words, yes these tights are so fun and I love them :)


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