When the sun is out so are we


The one thing you need to learn when you live in the UK is to use every ounce of sunlight to the fullest as the winters are long and the summers are often no shows. The past few days have been blissful so we have spent as much time outside as possible, with John even getting a little sun burnt. We have managed to pack a lot into a few days - helping in the garden at my mothers, running through poppies in Bute park and having a lot of fun at the very beautiful Cyfarthfa castle. Summer is also a great time to wear the things that you have packed away for the winter and now seem fresh and new. Here are some of out favourite photos

blowing dandelions
Blowing dandelions 

Model toddler

Father and Son

Bute Park Cardiff
Running through the long grass in Bute Park

Mother and Son

Our dog Sam


  1. I suspect that the UK and Cleveland have the same weather. Yesterday I watched my plants wilting, today we had to shutter the windows and break out extra blankets. Lovely pictures!

  2. Definitely have to make the most of this beautiful sunshine. I love the scarf you are wearing!

  3. Hasn't the weather been gorgeous?! You really do have to make the most of it it being in the UK, no doubt it will go again soon. Many BBQs to fit in before then! Your little boy is such a cutie in the Who top!

    Lou xx 
    Bits & Bobs


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