Dr Martens first loves


I am loving the Lookbook.nu collaboration with Dr Martens for the First and Forever Spring/summer 2012 collection. They picked some bloggers and LookBook users to style some of their new shoes - with great success. The campaign is all about your first love with Dr Martens - everyone remembers their first pair....I had mine when I was 13 and discovering Nirvana and Soundgarden. I think they have come a long way though from the typical grunge look and developed the brand into unique everyday shoes. You can share your experience at #FIRSTANDFOREVER. I don't really use LookBook....I have always lean towards chictopia - but that's simply down to time, either way they have some great street style bloggers and loads of inspiration. Here are some of my favourite picks from the collaboration

Doc Martens first love

Doc Martens

Doc Marten brogues


  1. Ace, love how trendy they look now, not just a marginal grunge look. I remember my first pair and totally associate them with nirvana and pearl jam. Have you seen the liberty ones?

  2. Wow! Love all this! Totally my look, I've got some Dr Martens and just bought some Creepers over the weekend!! Very cool to have another Cardiff blogger too! My best mate Betti's from Cardiff and she blogs here: www.torchthetreasure.blogspot.com !!! :)

    Great read! Thanks for the lovely comments too! xx


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