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So some may know here as a character from Made in Chelsea, others as the daughter of Top Shop boss Sir Philip Green, but now she is making her own name in the world of shoe design as she unveils her very stylish and bold shoe line, available at TopShop. When I first heard that she was going to be doing a shoe line I was not filled with excitement but since seeing the line I am impressed with the uniqueness and creativity of the collection, which has oversized heels and wedges. I know this line has divided some critics with some saying they are ugly, but I feel like they are something new, bold and not for everyone, which is what fashion should be. Chloe Green herself is not conventional and I like that they have used here in the advertising instead of a stick thin perfect model, it's a bit of difficult situation being apart of reality show and then trying to be taken seriously in other aspects and I think one should look simply at the product and I find them catchy and interesting and wouldn't mind a pair in my wardrobe. The prices range form £115 to around £175
Please note this is not a promotion - these are my own views.

Chloe Green

Chloe Green
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