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So here are two little things that are making us happy right now. First of all just want to say this not a sponsored post - it's just what we are lovin at the moment. John is really big into Moroccan Oil at the moment and since he is a Barber it's his industry inside tip - it leaves his hair smelling soooo sweet and I am easily bought by anything with the word Morocco in it as it has to be one of my favourite places in the world, one of the things that reminds me the most about travelling is Moroccan Mint tea...hmmm but now I am digressing. Back to the Oil - it also reviews hair and strengthens and conditions and it must be doing something because loads of celebs are digging it as well (not that we want to jump on that bandwagon) and the bottle is super cute. Now my current love is L'Occitane 20% Shea butter hand cream, with the baby I find that I am washing my hands all the time and they are becoming dry and when I saw that Tatler recommended this as one of the best hand creams out their I had to see for myself - and I see why - The Shea butter makes them feel so soft of moisturised without feeling oily. I always think when it comes to anti-ageing it is always important to look after your Eyes and hands because the lines on both are a major giveaway and now that I am 27 I am starting to be more and more aware of these things and taking the steps now to project my youthful skin.

Moroccan Oil and L'Occitane hand cream

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