Bad Luck run soon be over


To remind you what we look like since we have been away for a few weeks.

So it's been a while since my last post and for good (well in my case bad) reason for it, first of all about 3 years back I had knee surgery - ACL reconstruction (the reasons why are another long story) and it's been totally fine since I finished the physio but then a few weeks ago I turned to wave goodbye to a friend and my foot stayed in the same position but my knee did not and I think I may have torn the cartilage - only just got off crutches - paired with a short break away, then my one-year-old son had his MMR jabs which have made him feel awful - for a week he has had a high fever which means I have been up 24hrs and the past few days I have been fighting a really nasty cold - BUT HEY no more of the moaning - hopefully thats my full for the rest of the year! Detox to follow soon in all areas of my life - food, closet, house, life etc.....out with the old and in with the new and on that note....I am loving Full Circles new line

I am in love with this seasons trends and autumn colours of heritage and 70' combined together - so much good stuff out there at the moment. I love combining block colours with black - I am really into my black at the moment and cannot get enough of my two tone brogues and leather jacket.


  1. i'm loving the 2nd and 4th look so much. <3

    hope you're feeling much better these days =)

  2. militaria looks are geogerous on ladies!!



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