Indian Summer


I am loving this indian summer we have had recently - it seemed like a particularly disappointing summer and then wham a week of wonderful weather to lift the soul. So most of this week has been spent in the capital - Cardiff, with John now work in an amazing barbers in the City Centre and me trying to get more freelance photography work. I am also about to start a part-time job in an art based studio to help on the side. So I am totally in love with my new iphone - yes I finally converted and I'm really enjoying instagram - here are my fave shots so far.

Cardiff Bay is such a wonderful place when the sun comes out...ohh how I love the sea
Would love to be on that boat right now....and my fav Moroccan sandals

Would love to have such a MOD scooter....and a walk through Bute Park

Arthur being a legend after his first swimming lesson at The Hilton in Cardiff

I love the grass beneath my feet...Bute Park

Lapland beer at 10 Feet Tall


  1. You are a great photographer. You will easily get some sort of freelancing. Great work !!!

  2. Love the photos! So relaxing.

  3. Great photographs. I love the colors. :)
    Wonderful place too x.x

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    XoXo Nicole Mariana

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