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So winter is really on it way, time for the warm coats, scarfs and gloves. The sun graced us in Cardiff on Sunday and we thought this was a perfect time to take a nice relaxing walk in the bay over the barrage to Penarth. Also John wanted to try out his new Folk Jacket from OiPolloi. Please note this is NOT a sponsored post and John paid full price for his jacket


Folk Canvas Overcoat £285 from OiPolloi

Mens fashion

Mens fashion

John wearing Van shoes, Ralph Lauren socks, Albam jeans and Folk Jacket

Mens Fashion
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So every now and then I just feel like a change, alittle spontaneity and at the moment I am really feeling like getting a new tattoo - just something small, I really want alittle rockabilly diamond on my finger, since I love my moustache tattoo so much I am going to get this to go with it.

Moustache tattoo

Thats me! Rocking the Cazals and my finger tattoo

Knuckle duster

I want!


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