That autumn feeling


When I think of fall I always think of oranges, deep reds and fading yellows. It's that time of the year where you are not too sure of what to do - wear a thick jumper and risk being too hot or clutch onto what is left of summer and dress a little thin and risk being cold. This is when layers come into play, as well as small injections of colours, such as John's Ralph Lauren Socks or the red of my earrings. I also realised that I have hardly done any outfit posts with my Chinos, also I have come to realise chinos are slightly harder to pair up with than jeans. The little story behind my heart necklace is that John's father is a metal detector and a human treasure trove of wonderful strange finds and picked this up on Porthcawl beach - I bought a new chain for it and wear it all the time, I like to think it's been passed from a few people before it met me and I wonder about the people who may have worn it.
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I'm wearing Ben Sherman Shirt, Artigiano jumper, Thrifted Belt and Necklacec, H&M chinos, Asos Penny Loafers, Topshop Earrings, Guess Watch

John wears a Nudie Jeans shirt, Albam Jeans, Ralph Lauren socks, BAPE watch and Vans shoes

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