Weekend Adventures


So lately I have had a major need to spend each weekend finding new and cool places to eat, have coffee, talk about music, fashion and such things. I don't live in the biggest of cities but that's almost what makes it fun - going and finding new places. Here are a few images from successful missions over the past summer.

John in the "book" room, 10 Feet Tall. I ended up having a really nice bruchetta with chorizo and chicken with salad and herby chips with Lycee juice...yum yum

A little outing to Cardiff Arts Institute, which has a really interesting interior full of nooks and crannies, paintings and random art, reminds me of the Mad Hatters Tea Party.

Preppy Fashion in Penarth Park


  1. i would definitely go to a book room :) that sounds awesome!

  2. That sounds really cool, and what a lovely way to spend your weekends

  3. I love book rooms, reading, antiquarian books and second hand books shops. So I would fit right in;-)


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