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Sooooo I know I have been super quiet of late, but with good reason, I have just given birth to my first child, Arthur, on the 21st of Sept. I didn't really mention the pregnancy on the blog because I wanted to keep one thing baby-free, and I wanted to keep my blog about fashion, photography etc.....luckily though I exercised and kept healthy during the pregnancy and 10 days after giving birth I was back in my levi skinny jeans - yeay :). So here is the little mini-me

newborn sleeping

Besides that news I have also made the shortlist of Wales Blog Awards - yey :)
The awards is happening tonight at Chapter Arts in Canton, Cardiff....hmmm what to wear? Can't wait to meet other bloggers and have a much needed glass of wine (after 9 months of none!)
So other things that are taking my fancy at the moment, one is looking forward to buying a new winter wardrobe yeah!! Another is expanding my little book collection. My partner just ordered an amazing book called Take Ivy, which is a sixties documentary-style book of Ivy league fashion and lifestyle taken by Japanese photographer T.Hayashida. If your into preppy style and want to see where is came from this is a great book for you.

My book of choice for this week though is an art book called Hg2| A Hedonist’s guide to Art, which officially comes out today (14th). It's a seminal collection of essays from international artists, writers, gallery owners and art collectors who reveal their hidden lives, the lives of others and slightly appealing secrets of people in the industry.It's published in association with Artica which has a great art blog full of inspiration, check it out here. They are having their launch night in London today....wish I could of been there, but I am sure it's going to be a great creative filled night.

Anyway I have loads of fashion, style, photography posts coming....and lots of exciting news. Three words - Urban Outfitters Cardiff!


  1. oh my gosh!!! congratulations on your new family!!!

  2. How exciting!!! It truly was a well-kept secret, your pregnancy! Congratulations!!!

    P.S.: My little girl turned six on September 21st!

  3. omg1 congratulation ... this is soooo amazing! and thanks for the recommendation on the book, xx

  4. Hello!
    First of all, massive congratulations on the birth of your little man - and Arthur is one of my favourite names, so great choice! ;)
    Secondly, thanks for your comment on my blog a little while ago - apologies it's taken so long for me to comment back. I've just had a good look at your blog though and really love it - I love the photography and the great fashion you post! I'm following you now :)
    Claire Marie x

  5. Congratulations on the addition to the family! Very exciting!

    Thanks also for mentioning "A Hedonist's Guide to Art"! Just wanted to let you know that Artica are running a competition on Twitter where you can win a copy of the book (closes Friday). Find out more at or just tweet using either #ArticaArt or directly to us by using @ArticaArt before Friday afternoon to be in with a chance of winning a copy. Hope that this could be of interest to your readers as well.



  6. Oh my goodness, how exciting!!! That photo in the bed is just georgous!!!

  7. That first picture is amazing!! Ahh!

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