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So I have had such a pleasant weekend it makes me think of all the small things that make days special. Yesterday was filled with lazy couch moments and pottering around the house, de-weeding the garden, listening to music and putting posters up in the middle room. Today was spent in the city book browsing (mainly looking for The Selby book), having coffee, discovering a new cafe bar and enjoying good food, in good company.
With having got my laptop back and going through this summer's photos, it's great to look back on those "little moments" and "future ideas" that will come from here are the little things I love

homemade cupcakes
Eating homemade cupcakes in the garden 

Foxgloves - Poisonous but pretty

light writing
Being on the beach late at night and writing light into the darkness

self portrait
Hiding in the flowers in the garden

My current blog crush is The Selby, and if you have not heard of it believe me you want to check it out. It's the creation of Todd Selby, a portrait, interior and fashion photographer who goes into fellow creatives' houses and takes photos of the most wonderful and inspiring interiors in flats and houses in various cities across the world. He also has a book "The Selby: In your place", which is what I was looking for today, but alas did not find. 

 My other creative crush at the moment is stop animation and I am determined to make one before the end of the year. I came across this one which I just love...enjoy :)


  1. very nice and creative post!
    pass to my blog and if it likes you, follow me!

  2. Interesting post!
    I love the picture with cupcakes and the last one of Todd Selby:)

  3. love that animation, you should definitely make one and show us al :D x

  4. Love love love the cupcakes!

  5. Those cupcakes look lovely. Now I want one. And lovely flowers that are actually poisonous seem like a metaphor.

    Fickle Cattle

  6. Oh how I drool at those cupcakes!!!! Probably the wrong post to look at when determined to stick to diet!!

    Such beautiful photography and thanks for the heads up on The Selby!!

    @rachaelblogs // thechicofit


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