Wales Blog Awards and Birthday daze


 First of all I was sooo happy to hear that I made the "Long-list" for the lifestyle section of the Wales Blog Awards which is very exciting. I love meeting other bloggers from the same city/country and see what they are up too. You can see the rest of the nominees at Wales Blog Awards

 So it was my birthday this year older and not that much the wiser. It does seem with every passing year that the excitement fades. When I was younger I couldn't get to sleep at all the night before my birthday, now I sleep in, with no rush to get downstairs to open presents. I didn't have much of a plan for the day, that way one cannot be disappointed, and overall I was very happy with what turned out to be a lovely day. I woke up with my partner having put little "happy birthday" signs around the house, which made me smile, along with a bagel for breakfast and a 80's Timex watch and really cool Nike Mid-tops (it's all about the casual wear this year). I didn't have much time to hang around though as I was off to Bristol to enrol on the final year of my photography degree (yes it's abit of a commute from Wales to England 2 days a week) and to have some lunch and cupcakes with my mother. Even in the rain and on an overcast day I enjoy the old part of Bristol City centre - the houses mixed in with the shops are so beautiful and I want to live in one!!! After enrolment we  went for a bite to eat at The Boston Tea shop and than to Swinkys cupcake shop which literally sold the most amazing cupcakes ever! I had a carrot one which felt like eating the richest carrot cake in mini version and my mother had a super scrummy cappuccino one.

After our little Bristol outing, a drive across the bridge, I returned home, alittle tired, so I put my feet up while John made a very yummy spicy Caribbean curry. I ended up not having the relaxing bath with the herbal bath salts I had got, but I am pretty sure I will find the time soon, but all in all what a pleasant day.


  1. Congrats on your blog award! Well deserved! And Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like you had a fabulous one XOXO

  2. Well done on your nomination and good luck with the rest of the competition Laura.


  3. Happy birthday! :) I've also stopped making plans for birtdays; much better that way. Love your new watch!

  4. Happy birthday & congratulations on the nomination! I love all your presies, especially the cupcakes. What are they? They look sooooo cute!

  5. Congrats on making the long-list too! We'd be totally up for a link exchange, in fact I'll add you now.

    Where's Swinkys in Bristol?


  6. OH congrats. better late than never :) <3


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