Autumn is here! New season and giveaway


So I went for walk in a nearby park, I love this time of the year when the seasons change, just like the colours in nature fade from bright new greens to yellows and browns, so do the themes and colour trends in fashion. I am really excited about the new season as I love vintage prep in the form of Satchel bags, leathers and brogues. Also camel and greys, big knits and all wonderful warm things :).

 I love autumn colours...and when I saw these I had to take a photo.
So if price was not an option this is what would be on my autumn season shopping list....

 Acne Olga Shearling Hat £295
 Alexander McQueen Lace Knuckleduster clutch £1285

Chloe Bird Print silk blouse £755
Burberry Prorsum knitted slim fit jacket £695

 Diane Von Furstenberg Ceila Dress £318
 Grafia Leather Satchel
 Pringle laser cut top £795
 Stella McCarthney, Linda McCarthney photograph top £115
Nearly all of these items can be found on my new fave site - Matches, I literally want ALL there clothes.


  1. Great fashions/photos.. I just adore your blog. I'm your newest follower from mom bloggers club. Stop by and visit me at healthy living and A balanced you-Empowering MOMspiration

  2. Thanks Laura for helping. I did not reach 300 but it was just short noticed.

    I am returning the favour. I like your blog. And the fact that you write about fashion. The items are very nice and expensive, LOL. One day I will get those kind of stuff :O! Have a great day.

  3. that clutch!! omg it is so genius! i swear! :) i love it

  4. Oh my these are fabulous picks. The clutch is so innovative!! RIP Alexander McQueen :(
    Excited about your giveaway, off to enter!!

  5. OOh that's a great satchel!!

    Blackberry Sherbet

  6. i love going for walks in my local park, probably one of my fav things to do

  7. I love the fall. It's still in-between here but I still love it.

    The fitted jacket is so awesome. Military stuff is really hot this season over here in the US.

  8. I love the silk long sleeves blouse


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