Summer needs and the little things


So I am loving the summer collection of Monsoon and many things I want. I am really hoping for at least some beach weather this year, I know people keep saying the UK deserve a good year - but they really do. I am really into free-flowing clothes at the moment, with a touch of Moroccan/hippy feel to it. I think it's also time to get a little jumpsuit (as seen below). I have also been looking for a little satchel bag for ages, I would prefer to find a vintage 2nd hand one, but I am pretty impressed with this little one from Accessorize and what’s even better is it's only £37. Also you cannot go through this season without a little wedge shoe, and this one just makes me feel at little Rockabilly, which I love :)

Another absolute need, since moving into my new home, is a sowing machine, and I came across this little cute thing on urban outfitters - it's mini and portable and is said to be suitable for all those little DIY projects such as skirt hems and cushion covers - I want and I need!

So it's always a little strange packing up and moving, you realise how much stuff you actually have, it's a great way to de-clutter, but you also have to realise you're moving on and all your things are going to have a new home, including you. I came across these photos I took of my old room and I just feel you can tell quite alot about a person just from the small things they own

acoustic guitarfancy perfume

record player
hip hop music


  1. ha! i was at UO this past week! i love that store. it is the epitome of everything i love.

  2. Oh, I absolutely adore the new Accessorize collection as well - particularly the leather bag! I'm really sorry they don't ship to Slovenia - I wonder why...

  3. That satchel bag looks great. I've also been looking for something like that for a while.
    The photos from your old room are really charming!

  4. I want that first top and the bag! And how completely ADORABLE is that sewing machine??!!!


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