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So I went to Bristol the other day, it's nice to just have a change of city, or a change from Cardiff once in a while. It happened to be during that week when it actually felt like the UK was heading into summer, and I am hoping that wasn't our summer, either way it was wonderful to sit by the harbour with some Pear cider and people watch. There are some great shops in Bristol, including the Cath Kidston store, which has some really lovely summer and beach bags. But my favourite store has to be MOTEL, which is a great store full of new and vintage items, sown little DIY projects, shoes, bags and homely things...I want them all! Anyway that’s where I got this long sleeved stripy cardigan with anchor buttons. Another online purchase that I have made lately is my scrabble "word" necklace that made me smile when I saw it, I simple had to get it, it's from a great little company called Fallen Saint . Also my record collection is growing, slowly, but surely...I am never going to get tired of analogue.

Cardigan - Motel, Black Vest - Firetrap, Leggins - H&M, Ankle boots - Miss B, Necklace - Fallen Saint


  1. thanks for the links lovely, especially that motel rocks one. i LOVE 70% of their stuff. x

  2. Love your 'word' necklace! And the cardi is gorgeous, too. The anchor buttons and all!

  3. I love the necklace,I've never seen other like this. It's innovative I think.

  4. I looooovvvve your necklace. can I get it online??

  5. just realized you gave us a link oops haha


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