Lost style Icon


I know this is a few years past the date...but to me Soko is still one of my personal style icons and I am quite sad that she has stuck to her guns and has still quite the music industry. Ok so her music was never high-end produced but that was the charm of it, a garage sounding french duo who's lead singer is as cute as a button but not with a mouth or lyrics to match. I simple love her quirky individual style and I hope in a way she comes back and is never really forgotten.


  1. I love her voice! It's so unique!

  2. never heard of her, thanks for sharing and stopping by my blog :)

  3. soko is so unique - i am glad you did this post ... good to be reminded from time to time, xx

  4. soko is definitely unique, which is good. some styles now are jsust ridiculous, and boring.. it's always good to see people with their own unique trend, but unfortunately, everyone who is trying to be " different" or is naturally different, has so many followers, that it's not different anymore :(


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