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SO I have been looking for a little Shopping Tote for summer, to go to the beach or carry the odd thing or just to have a change from a more formal bag. I looked at some sweet Cath Kidston bags and an Obey bag, but they seemed alittle bit too flimsy, and would break quite easily. Really next year what I should do is by some fabric and whip one up as they are not hard to make, but when I came across this bag the over the weekend when I was out down Cardiff Bay I just had to get it. It's so strong and sturdy and I love the design and it also happens to be made out of Organic cotton and your not paying a huge price for it and the little coconut buttons on each side are very cute. Check out Bags for Change website, all there products are eco friendly so you really can feel good about retail therapy (although I always do anyway haha)

 My new little tote for summer from Bags of Change :)

 Converse and Mac chillin at Cardiff Bay

Oooh Ooooh Oooh another great little website clothing company I came across the other day which is meeting two of my favourite things, books and clothes. It's called "Out of Print Clothing" and there mission is to celebrate the worlds greatest stories through fashion, a brilliant idea if you ask me. Just like Bags of Change they are also pretty eco friendly, as with every t-shirt bought they donate a book to a community in Africa where they have little access to books. Here are a few of my favourites

So one last thing that sort of round up my weekend/Bank holiday was going to watch Silver Sixties with my mother. It was a stage show with original singers from the sixties doing there hits with an amazing backing band. Now not all of it was for me and I wish I could of taken more photos but because of rules and blah blah blah you cannot take any images when inside. Anyway one of my favourite songs, which is also on the soundtrack of a great film - Darjeeling Limited, is Peter Starstedts "where do you go to my lovely". The lyrics are just so beautiful, especially the first verse

You talk like Marlene Dietrich
And you dance like Zizi Jeanmaire
Your clothes are all made by Balmain
And there's diamonds and pearls in your hair


  1. Aww, that's a really cute tote =) Saw you on 20SB so I thought id drop by and say hello =)

  2. Love the out of print clothing tees! I'm such a book worm! Cx

  3. The bag and the T-shirts would match (well atleast I think they would), I also love the Peter Starstedts song and darjeeling is one of my fave films of all time

  4. This bag is great for carrying my necessities while traveling. I am very pleased with it.
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