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Sooooo I have been quite busy lately - just came back from The Glam show this weekend - a post will be up very soon about that - it was in short - a great day! Been buying quite a lot of things lately, new pair of black peep toe shoes, a little Alyn Paige Mod dress and a vintage Fred Perry dress. I am on the lookout for big knitted jumpers aswell. I am also really starting to fall in love with Tweed - when you look at someone like Vivienne Westwood and what she does with tweed it's easy to see why. Still loving black shoes - as ever, but need to require some with studs I think. :)


  1. I love that checked coat on the right. Good luck in your shoe quest!

  2. Thanks...just bought some little black peep toes recently - although I really should be more bold with my shoe choice colours


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