Fun Halloween Shoes by Iron Fist



So I happen to stumble across these shoes by Iron Fist, and thought they where super fun for Halloween. I had heard of Iron Fist a while back when I used to work in a clothing store in Cape Town, as the founders of Iron Fist are South African but are now based in San Diego and the label is really starting to take off. Iron Fist though is not for the faint-hearted as their designs and artwork are bold, loud and colourful taking inspiration from skate, punk, hip-hop and tattoo culture. They already have some pretty glamorous celebs sporting there stuff such as Tommy Lee, Britney Spears and band The Sounds.


  1. i love the last one. i'd wear that on regular days :)

  2. Thank you for sharing this informative blog. I really amazed from the shoes you have given here because they are all beautiful and awesome. I will ask my husband to look this kind of shoes so I can use it for this coming November. Keep sharing!

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