The Glam Show


So I was a very happy girl to get the chance to go to The Glam Show this year in London, at Earls Court. Two days of pampering and fashion, presented by style guru Nicky Hambleton-Jones, who happens to be on the verge of giving birth but still looks pretty good. So I just travelled up for Saturday but it was a pretty packed day from the get go. When you entered Earls court you really have no idea of what to expect as it's all contained on the 2nd floor so it's not until you take the escalator up that you see what awaits. There really was something for everyone from Tigi Hair products to Teeth Whitening, makeup master classes and pedicures, to champagne bars and boutique and vintage clothing. One of my fast becoming favourite designers REEM was there, she makes the most beautiful clothing and jewellery, another designer who caught my eye was a girl called Amira.

One of the most exciting events of the day though was the Untold Fashion show - Untold is a collaboration of newly emerging designers and artists who sometimes find it hard getting exposure with the ethos of "Untold Talent yet no platform" and therefore making the platform to present their designs.



After the Untold show I had a look at some of the great stores and listened in too some of the seminars going on in the Sante Glow Zone. Also had a chance to watch the very fit and energetic dancers in the Dance Studio area, as well as working through the boutique vintage row...where I saw this girl whose dress I just fell in love with.

After that was The Glam Show fashion show which showcased designes from Freemans, Strawberry Bunny, Morgan Davies Bridal and Amira.

All Photo's taken by Me.


  1. That dress IS to fall in love!!! ha!

    It's so cool you got to go.
    I got a press pass for this saturday on an event of new fashion designers im so exiiited hahha
    i hope to get such nice pics as u

  2. Wow thats great news!!!! I'm sure you will get some great pics and I look forward to seeing your post :)

  3. HOW FUN!! Lucky gal!

    Over from SITS.

  4. Beautiful blog! Popping by via SITS

  5. Oooh exciting!
    There are some amazing clothes you've pictured, a few dresses deffinitely caught my eye, and I would so wear them! That last full length one- just 'wow'. It's beautiful.

    Florrie x

  6. Hey!
    First of all thank you for your message on my blog!:)
    and events its often inspiring...The Glam Show seems to be really nice...I love the picture with the girl in a vintage boutique...i agree with you...her outfit is lovely:)


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