My Glam Show Outfit


So I havn't done an outfit post for ages and I am really into blacks and greys at the moment....must have something to do with the changing of the seasons and perhaps it also reminds me of french cuts. Anyway....this photo is literally taken at 6:30am.

So it's a Gerard Darel Jacket, Alyn Paige jersey top, a French Connection belt (which cannot be seen) trousers from Next, Shoes from New Look and a Francesco Biasia Bag


  1. those shoesies are to die for! love! i'll log in to my lb and give you my heart! muah!

  2. Love the outfit! I wish I could pull off your hair =)

  3. I do love New Look shoes!
    That's such a great outfit,
    and also such a nice photo! I wish I could get ones like this of my outfits!
    How do you look so good at 6.30am?! I look dead around that time..

    Florrie x

  4. Yeah they do have surprisingly good shoes and I always find it hard to get shoes that fit cos I'm only a size 3 :(. Yeah I usually look dead in the morning too but I went to bed really early, cos I hate being tired.

  5. love love the look ... i adore your hair darling, xx


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