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5 Positive ways to be happy in 2019


Well what a year, full of ups and downs and everything thrown in-between. 2018 saw a real movement to normalising things like Mental Health issues and getting more people sharing and talking about their own experiences, also the huge shift to Body positivity, owning your body and feeling less guilting about being a bit more selfish and making time for self care. Woman in general have also taken somewhat of a centre stage in standing up for our rights and using more platforms to have a voice and be heard. Diversity has also been key, what makes one person happy doesn't apply to others and that needs to be respected, health and fitness means different things to different people but doing what feels good is key and that is something that should follow through into 2019. With the world seeming more manic it's important to not get overwhelmed and to be easier on ourselves and not be too many things at once, which in turn can cause stress and a sense of failure. Here are a few positive ways to move forward with into 2019

1. Ditch the Diets, Nourish yourself & throw away the scales

Diets are fads! That is a fact! Any eating plan that means you are having to restrict what you eat or calories is not sustainable, meaning when you inevitably fall of the wagon you are destined to feel guilty and like a failure which frankly sucks and is no good for your wellbeing. If you are looking to overhaul your meals or simply improve your eating plan just making healthier choices, it's that simple. Add some more fruit and veg to your diet and make more homemade meals, drink more water and still enjoy the things you love. Drastic changes never work, simply be more kind and nourishing to yourself when your able too. Another thing we need to stop doing is daily weighing! Weight can fluctuate between 4-6lbs in 24hrs for all variety of reason that has nothing to do with health! Could be down to clothes your wearing, time of the day, how much water you have drunk etc and allowing your mood to be affected by weighing yourself just isn't good. Pack them away and out of sight!

2.  Celebrate your Unique quirks

What makes the world such a fantastic place is that we are all different! Differences can often be the focus of negativity but shouldn't be! They are what make us unique and we need to start owning that and cherishing our flaws and eccentricities. Once we learn to do this we start to developed a deeper love for ourselves and therefore value our own needs more. There are however some things that may need to be worked on, such as negative tendencies such as jealously or meanness and usually those who are closest to you can help you distinguish between flaws that need acceptance and flaws you need to work on as accepting ourselves shouldn't come at the cost of someone else's wellbeing. At the end of the day we need to be start looking in the mirror and feeling positive about ourselves and view ourselves with love not dislike and that takes effort and is something worth working towards in 2019

detox from social media

3.  Cut down on social media

I think deep down we all know that social media isn't always good for us. Yes there is so much positivity to be found in social media with so many empowering woman sharing their stories but there is also so much space for comparison and comparison is the thief of joy as they say. Social media also needs to be taken with a pinch of salt as so many people are simply sharing the best bits of their life, not the boring or mundane of when their kids are lying in the middle of a supermarket screaming or the bad skin days they are having or even the not so perfect moments of their picture perfect relationships. When we are feeling insecure we actively look for flaws and ways to back-up our views about ourselves and with so many people sharing Pinterest-perfect lives, even when you are aware that it's not always what it seems, it's time to step away from the phone, tablet or laptop and enjoy simple pleasures such as writing, reading, getting outdoors or being creative. Making sure you have a social media free day once a week can be hugely positive for your wellbeing. Here are 10 ways to help you wean off social media.

4. Learn something new or find a hobby that makes you happy

After a 10yr hiatus about 5 months ago I picked up my skateboard again and it's hands down the most positive thing I've done in the past decade. Through skateboarding I have met so many new people, woman of all ages, some just starting out and others having done it for years and it's been so supportive and enjoyable. Rediscovering something that makes me so happy, gets me out and being active and offers an array of social opportunities has really transformed my mental wellbeing and how I feel about myself and I truly feel everyone needs something like this. Something that offers a break from the daily grind, that has nothing to do with your work or relationship, something just for you. Whether that be taking up a language class, learning how to do printmaking, surf, cook or whatever takes your fancy and making it a priority.

girls skate

5. Treat yourself

Everyones entitled to spend a little bit of time and money on themselves in whatever what they choose. Like I said what works for some won't for others. If getting your eyebrows done or shopping for makeup will give you a massive boost then go ahead, if spending the day paddle-boarding does it for you then get out on the water. I do however feel with the whole body positivity movement that we feel bad in someway treating those areas that get us down. I remember being a little shocked when one of my friends said she occasionally gets botox, she explained that she naturally frowns a lot and it's the one thing that got her down and by getting botox is made her feel better and that is what it's all about. I mean I use cellulite cream not because I'm embarrassed about my cellulite but I like taking time out to try improve the circulation and skin tone in my legs and I'd be open to having some CoolSculpting treatment in London done for me and no one else.

As we move into 2019 I think making more time for the things that make you happy is key, cutting out what doesn't is also vert important. Not being to restrictive with yourself, dropping the guilt and simply looking after yourself better whether that means being a little bit more active or eating well  balance meals that will improve your mood are all positive.




  1. I agree with all of this, we need to be kinder to ourselves, get our priorities in focus and enjoy the moment more. Thanks for sharing

    Jo x

  2. I totally agree with the social media stuff, it's really tricky as a blogger but I deleted Facebook and Instagram from my phone over Christmas and I've felt much better for it!

  3. I’m with you on all of this and I try not to be on social media too much x

  4. Loving these ideas and go you, with the skateboard, that's awesome. I was having a chat earlier today with my girls about how great it is to be unique and quirky. Mich x

  5. I completely agree with you on ditching the diets anything that cuts out a food group or calories is simply never going to work long term. I believe it eating clean, exercising more and still have treats when you want!

  6. Being happier in 2019 is one of my goals for the year, and I really think cutting down on social media will help with that x

  7. You make some vital points with your five positive ways to be happy - I always find it hard to lose weight if I’m counting the calories and I feel bad when I don't succeed. I should find a new hobby as that way I will meet new people and possibly lose weight if its an active. Thanks for your advice, Happy New Year :)

    Wince x

  8. I agree with ditching the diets, but its so hard when you need to lose weight. I guess eat less move more is the important thing

  9. Our hobby is our blog which makes us happy! Might struggle with the social media side of things xx

  10. These are awesome ways to stay positive this 2019! I'm loving the thought of doing a hobby that you really enjoy doing.

  11. Oh my gosh how cool are you with the skateboarding! I have re-found my hobby of entering competitions I wish I had your balance instead x

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